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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

mini top hats and fascinators

The hospitality of the Thais is notable. This is what sets them apart from hotels in other countries. Moreover, the fine Thai cuisine lures tourists, too. You know this thread and the previous thread has a lot of mentions about the desires of pedophiles. Are any of us pedophiles? I would hope not. If you have any concerns about your own health or the health of your child, you should always consult with a physician or other healthcare professional.

I let myself be a little hungry. I remembered my old trick of eating small, but eating frequently. How could I have forgotten that trick? Still. I HATE it when people who have NORMAL weights call themselves FAT. Look, at 5'6" tall and 236lbs, I was FAT, in fact, I was FATTER than FAT when I joined WW. Do you know how many years I prayed and STILL pray to get to a point where my BMI reads as NORMAL? That's like winning the golden ticket for me, and to have this skinny mini b*tch insist that being NORMAL is FAT just p*sses me off.

For DCs with high ceilings, such as those competent at pallet storage extending to 6 or more pallets, the Very Flat floor option, FF65/FL40 enables maximum retrieval and putaway, resulting in optimized performance. Such smooth operations are necessary especially in cases involving order picking applications, where even the slightest variations on floor flatness can encumber operators by forcing them to get the load lowered down so that the mast sway will be reduced when getting into different areas. This wastes some time and impedes their efficiency.

For the most part, this trip down memory lane reflects a time when models, not celebrities, got the cover honors, and cover stories were planned around fashion spreads, not movie releases. Cindy Crawford graced the cover no fewer than 18 times in her career and Claudia Schiffer is close behind her with 16 covers under her belt. The most repeated Vogue cover model of all time? The unmatched Lauren Hutton, with a whopping 26 covers.

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The Prada Company has its roots in Mario Prada who began the organization in 1913. It originally sold leather merchandise, trunks, and handbags in its shops in Milan, Italy. Its line of eyewear began in 1999. We live in a world where personalization and customization are highly valued. From being able to customize your iPod playlist settings to creating and sharing personalized preferences on social media such as Pinterest, it is interesting how this element of control tends to arise in all aspects of life. Monogrammed bathrobes are an example of the demand for personalized clothing that has currently come back in vogue as a trending hot item.