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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

random impulse of Christian Louboutin heels

 By him trouble, so he fainted Amano to plug something into the bag in his mouth mumbled the old not the time,Christian Louboutin shoes, I reluctantly , Christian Louboutin sale.

Christian Louboutin sale: By him trouble, so he fainted Amano to plug something into the bag in his mouth mumbled the old not the time,Christian Louboutin shoes, I reluctantly tear sour eyes, I woke him, squinting smiled, and grabbed the bedside threw the case early on, but also to cram a glass of milk in my hand,Christian Louboutin shoes, almost delicate layer of skin off my hot, Yan Zhao food I muttered unclear, His hand to throw clothes at me,Christian Louboutin shoes, ? He glares at me,Christian Louboutin shoes, his face has a guilty conscience and decadent, mixed with anger and unwilling to difficult speech, sudden force over Chezhu Dizhou, I almost died, did not hear you listen to,Christian Louboutin shoes! I almost never see you! people die? He screen tight brow, the whole as you pleased? not so simple, I installed four years of stupid, I'm fucking tired! He brow beat several times fold,Christian Louboutin on sale, and repeatedly flashed fiercely,Christian Louboutin shoes, and I insist on a sharp cold gaze, and he sneered Shuaikai, throwing real quilt cover me, I was a bit of pain stinging words, grinding mill out of the mouth can not sound, spent Leng Leng open the door to see him gone,2011 Christian Louboutin shoes, scars can not be easily healed, looking at palm timid, where in an instant across something I did not catch only dead Yaoxia Chun.
In fact, do not be so simple.
The next day after work to see him slumped against the door coat.
I'm open to smiling, His chest suddenly tight,Christian Louboutin shoes, obviously endured the hot, harsh to kick at your back door, I Lengheng pressure with the air not pay any attention when he, open the refrigerator of self-serve later, he took a beating sounding in two dishes ,Christian Louboutin shoes, skin disease leprosy sit, I excitedly anger,Christian Louboutin Wedges, a chopstick fight in the past, Hunting from his mouth, laughing and bloody, I am nothing, I know.
I put the stubborn fact, life and death only looked at him the fragile shadow mask lucky, and sometimes have to wait for them to cut out sad. He came to work every day to Sipilailian the Cengfan,Christian Louboutin shoes, both men repeated the same dialogue -
Zhu Xiao Chen Mo's return their surprise and pleasure, the total experience of the past six months that he can not do without Du, Du Jingjing engagement has become so taboo subject, not to mention closed, and only one drink in the bar late, Anand, Ningyuan An large a tongue, Chen Mo helpless look drunk push lightly into a Tuo Ningyuan An arm and each of the offerings was another rejection, school of heroic spirit.
Zhu Xiao pulled me to steal music, I stare at his eyes, muttered I really want to crush him, and you're in trouble.
I twist from the brow, pull up at the bottom of the mouse jump quasi-hole rub Chen Mo, a wry smile he turned around and grinned at me.
I got goose bumps covered with the Chen Mo one, he jokes with the press so far as to, separated by more obscure Ningyuan An, see more discerning eyes of the masses! I am very unhappy there.
I am a hot ear, staggering to the others he actually flirting blink of an eye, Yadisangzai call you have orgy animals, and bad mood? I suffocate you happy.
He sticks his chin, around Ningyuan An hash to me, hold? Do not ah, I'm good to discuss, you hand to me to put down as put down.
My mind made faint,Christian Louboutin shoes, random impulse of a wave,Christian Louboutin heels, to hang around Ningyuan An fell straight out, Xiao Zhu,Christian Louboutin shoes, shouted our two eyes, Zhu Xiao haha ??great music, I watched to Nu Ji Qi Yan Zhao died, breath Yanyan's Jiao Anan, Anand would have looked at Xiao Zhu and Ning Yuanan daze,Louboutin sale, was said to laugh, come rub my hair loose,Christian Louboutin shoes, Chen Mo stay for, unconsciously, Meng grabbed my arm and dropped the cup, my pain, inspiration, too late, then fork, Chen Mo hold your breath, the board with a ghost face as hard as nails across the clothes seem to pinch to my flesh and blood blocked the pain, I can only embarrassed hollow laugh, it was sick! Chen Mo tearing voice Enliaoyisheng, grabbed my chin, Unexplained pain in my eyes, I feel naked and vulnerable to exposure of the wound where the most reluctant to barely earn a little, but get more and more pain.
That day,Christian Louboutin shoes, he told me back cabin, sitting in the living room I do not know what stupid like, until I take a bath out, see he is still in a daze, stared for a moment not moving, thrown cushions snappily, ! He was too excited beating, and firmly grasp the body I go under pressure, Drops of water along the hair came down,Christian Louboutin Pumps, fans of my vertigo, Lengheng a laugh,Christian Louboutin shoes, His mother said he was annoyed to know who curse you, about the split in my face, I inhale tear pain, kicking fiercely waving his knee, Deliberately ignored by the blood of the past sparkling throw, when he was desperate eyes and tear phrase His fierce pressure down, in pain in the bite I Jianwo hum, sounds vague blur, , you're not, Du Jingjing station hospital bed ... his father ... I gasped. Christian Louboutin shoes: I watched to Nu Ji Qi Yan Zhao died.

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Christian Louboutin heels with warm temperature

 Know the perverse and the wronged son, last night had been hard to call upon, and this must be good, can not provoke us angry. The identity of their m , Christian Louboutin sale.

Christian Louboutin sale: Know the perverse and the wronged son, last night had been hard to call upon, and this must be good, can not provoke us angry. The identity of their mother already embarrassed,Christian Louboutin shoes, can not bear what?
Reluctantly opened the door, a thin teenager standing in the doorway, silent. Mrs. Xu Mama quickly tears his eyes, put on a smile, pushed his son to go to the living room.
Jiawei saw a skinny teenager was pushed in, scattered brown hair hanging in her eyes,Christian Louboutin shoes, indifferent eyes of the ramp off the ground. Features handsome,Christian Louboutin shoes, like his mother, but his face plainer, and some scars. Mouth small,Christian Louboutin sandals, delicate lips like a boy in the affirmative. However, faint traces of blood on the lips so Jiawei frowned. This is how a child? Mrs. Xu was quietly anxious to push him,Christian Louboutin Wedges, Peizhao Xiao: Xu Sao awkward smile apologetically: Zhou Zhengyi was staring hard at a very unhappy yaya a meal on Jiawei said: know the fight! sooner or later, the father told him the same! day hanging color came back to see the neighbors thought I was playing him! Mrs. Xu was a white face, not daring to speak about. Jiawei holds chopsticks clearly see the hand of Asia and Asia as hard and white distorted.
She and her ex-husband about Xu, Jiawei how many have heard it. Is said to be unscrupulous rogue, in his third sentenced after the court granted the divorce, she and her promise to foster a child alone in the countryside, where relatives came to work in cities.
A table of people were silent, and only yaya head down hard to eat. Zhou Zhengyi Xu Sao gripped the look, take a look at Jiawei, from the beginning she did not eat a thing.
Feeling very upset, Jiawei bent on embarrassing the banquet to end this early. point. I would like to see you getting married one day earlier, ah! impossible to find elsewhere. Moreover, also tall Junshuai mild. Only a very coincidence, their natural not like a woman. It is also very little access to their own sensual place that causes great wind assessment. But the loneliness inside who knows?
A little something to eat indiscriminately,Christian Louboutin shoes, Jiawei got up to leave. She and her father were sent out and Xu, Jiawei look back: Asia and Asia without any facial expressions, drooping eyes and see the ground. Taken seriously the first time this child, no shiny brown hair, obviously malnourished. And pruning very irregular, Jiawei even suspect took his own pair of scissors cut. Old clothes too small, wrist ankle are exposed, there are even faint scars. Jiawei look at him, and suddenly a little pity. His parents gave him a very bad living environment,Christian Louboutin shoes, but also to his own father how much warmth? In front of the children but not adults should not have to assume the existence of suffering, how he was innocent?
Mild lower body: neck. Scarves at last, with warm temperature,Christian Louboutin heels, yaya awkward Spin neck. In addition to his mother's hand,Christian Louboutin shoes, for someone else's body, only in time to punch in the face of the chance to feel. In front of this big burly man, let him instinct to resist. Brother? He did this blessing,Christian Louboutin shoes!
Cold was standing, Asia and Asia to understand the difficulties of the mother, Men Men have to say loudly: Zhou Zhengyi with them: Downstairs, my father very happy, laughing out loud. Jiawei can not wait to know the father is to the neighbors that he and his son already, son home! Heavy heart,Christian Louboutin sale, breathing loudly like, Jiawei keep our noses to walk. Zhou Zhengyi has been sent to his son's car before, pondered a moment and whispered: How much time,Christian Louboutin shoes, and often come back,Louboutin sale, ah? Jiawei mercy bowed his head to glance at the father, can not tell what it is. Silently nodded.
Looked at the black back out the door, yaya big break his mother's hand back to his room. Closed the door, pulled it off the neck scarf thrown into the corner. Pretending that a few come! Who are you who I am? Just like you come to the train and gave us much mother's face,Christian Louboutin shoes, the mother looks like a knife hit home resting Yaya heart. Ever since from the sensible mother used to seeing people around the tears and looked down upon, the country's relatives, the pig than he had at home. Another mother and a mysterious old man got married, but this place is not his home. Looked all around yaya feel out of place, their lives are not used to pointing the people around him are not willing to even more places from the people through. The old man is not pleasing to the eye to see him from time to time to find a reason to call a meal. In fact, despise his mother dragged him this cumbersome. Yaya gloomy breath and uncomfortable but also how, always alive.
Worn out bags for homework. The green bag is a white washed canvas,Christian Louboutin shoes, by those carrying hundreds of pieces of brand-name bags easily classmates ridiculed beggar. Something out of the bag other things other than textbooks to see people no law,Christian Louboutin Platforms, only a pen is new, it is to spend 10 bucks to steal my mother bought for him. Yaya bite her lip hard, spread the job.
Assignments are heavy on the red cross, I can see the teacher's anger. Today's math class, the teacher angry photographed his test papers on the blackboard. The only failing a class paper attracted students wanton laughter. The drop came,Christian Louboutin shoes, Asia and Asia sat upright, face pale. Cumbersome and a burden to their born! The girl blushed at the same table, strong demand for seats the teacher, the kind of contempt in the eyes seemed to penetrate his body. The fat guy behind the booing of laughing, Asia and Asia Niede white fist hit the go. After being beaten bloody mouth, Asia and Asia called into the office severely scolded the meal.
Gently pushed open the door, Xu came in Sao carefully. A little syrup in hand, feel bad sitting next to his son on the injured facial scars. Never asked how they are confused, because they do not know to ask. Days in the country, also saw his son go back every time like this. Sighed: The same day or before,Christian Louboutin shoes, Jiawei consumed daily in most of the time in the company's business. Arouses the envy of the company prosperous, just tired and can not eliminate the heart of helplessness and depression,Christian Louboutin shoes, there had never been released wanton hunger. Mighty man in that case, the no one can see his pain. Occasional phone call, or go home, but also quickly went out. That do not want to stay a family atmosphere. The children who called yaya always hiding in the corner,Christian Louboutin, and occasionally write to their own vision, is an unspeakable diaphragm. Jiawei also less back.
Black car driving on the streets in the evening, Jiawei still in the back seat leaning just a thought Christian Louboutin shoes: obviously malnourished. And pruning very irregular.

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Christian Louboutin Platforms with a face teeth

 Feng Wan Po I went out on just two days , ,This is what the not, than I was to accompany him into the count ass , ,I did not betray him, I , Christian Louboutin sale.

Christian Louboutin sale: Feng Wan Po I went out on just two days ... ...
This is what the not, than I was to accompany him into the count ass ... ...
I did not betray him, I order that he swallowed up all the emotional vitality of ... ...
Damn, damn, damn! I grabbed the vase broken to bad broken table.
Then, just like what happened to those pieces, like a white fuzzy hair, can not complete the glue together.
The Jing original entrance to the hospital with me, and then refused to go in, but faint smile, a gentle rubbing my hair, Qin Rui, I like you, but no regard to the extent that you think,Christian Louboutin shoes, so rest assured you go follow your fire go, happiness is like.
I was selfish and tired, would rather believe that he was telling the truth, and suddenly eyes some paste, ... ... not happy,Christian Louboutin sandals, burning black and blue.
He smiled and waved at me, Who says black and blue certainly is not happy?
However, he go too early, not waiting for me to see the hospital empty.
Qiazhao nurses pushed my neck in the corner, like a ghost of terror, her hoarse cry, I really do not know,Christian Louboutin, ah, just do a discharge.
Li does not appear if the Sun, perhaps the anger in my blood-red really beat a woman.
Sun Li cold eyes, like a stranger like me, Du Jingjing received the news, forcing her dad to find the most authoritative experts, with the most advanced medical measures.
And she is only entrusted to inform me cry,Christian Louboutin shoes, do not find Chen Mo was.
I was angry and the collapse of the sneer's very hard,Christian Louboutin on sale, What can I say, I just looked at Sun Li, lift the hands of things, crack Shiguwucun.
Leave without looking back, every step I have Yao Jinya, pinch in the palm on the wearer look.
Some time later, I moved out, there is no movement Chen Mo's parents, apparently in contact with and not worry about the facts apparent on the front, I like to put away all traces of the same wood.
Shut the door the moment, full of mind only two words out of the cold from Chifeng in breathing.
Chen Mo, Chen Mo.
You are ruthless.
Were six months, perhaps a short in the calendar can be ignored. I work in blazing the new residence over the bulk powder to Anan's bar, and together bullying Ningyuan An Xiao Zhu, call parents, sometimes find girl adjusting a situation, only you can see more and more faint heart Life Force is the fire, light the almost extinguished.
This is the story of a full four and a half, in addition to constantly bite and injury, leaving no other deep in the memory.
I maintain a straddle position does not move, twist brow swept every inch of a long absence, but familiar with the deep-seated, suddenly sneered, grabbed his shoulder like struggling to stand up.
Was affecting his surprise, suppressed low hum filled the unhappy flawless face, a move not to suppress my hip, He was the cold shock of my interest brute force DC, died barely press the lower body, mouth grim Huang Huang sip a hint of anger, in the dog circles, waiting for you half a year,Christian Louboutin shoes, ten years, until you come back when throwing bones, hurriedly put on the slippers for you. This is enough. right! I have the fire he was blocked Shangcuan, Shui kicker played my knee numb elbow stand up,Christian Louboutin shoes, I have installed wronged cynical here,Christian louboutin for sale, you do not move it! you stay at home to it! Well you wait for me! I hurt its breath, and grabbed his hair, dug with his eyes, Watch him bitterly own pupil, who is not the day that does not look like pale ghosts, a few days without food or drink, first came to the door to the bar Anan fainted.
He choked the severe coughing, strong hold my shoulder in a daze, until I can not stand a lot of trouble to push him, His silent Lie Liezui angle, bind tightly stretched legs some,Christian Louboutin shoes, squeezed my wrist locked in on both sides, I never took his vulgar Mozhe, only a harsh curses mammals, with the pants he reached to pull my clothes neat, he moves very slowly, with a long, long time did not feel the gentle, always draw a detail and then the fingering is not Kengqi good while,CL shoes, I was kicking up clouds of his frizzy,Christian Louboutin Pumps, He laughed about, wrinkled face and deep profile, black and shiny black eyes, just as that, I heart a song.
pull, I crashed into his arms tightly caught off guard, he Jiuqi my collar, a hand-written over my head, kissed do not release the full,Christian Louboutin shoes, ... not allowed to not believe it,Christian Louboutin shoes, I admit that ridiculously weak in the execution of his Helping Hands so gentle, not daring to speak in a word, this is the most like a dream moment, I have not the courage to take risks.
He actually knew my residence, Shumenshulu's holding back,Christian Louboutin shoes, I rent a single-family house, to the door, he could not help but clawed my wild hair, tongue scurrying around in my lips together, and I followed the agitation up, laid hold of the buttons tearing his clothes,Christian Louboutin shoes, packed hard rub his chest, I was shaking soft on him, wrapped his hand to his waist on a key ring lead, he pulled it off with annoyance, then I am ah tight waist, blasted a pinch,Christian Louboutin shoes, Stir into the house catching up with, and I forced him down on the sofa, Simo kiss his lips, neck, and he looked up and address him by air, the gentle down my hair, so I grabbed his Rujian when he jumped severe shock, suddenly bent knees, the hard too resist me.
I stare at him shocked laugh, Hold back his anger angry mouth, detach my collar to pull down, I was directly channeling cold smile, and said no,Christian Louboutin shoes, I was pain there, really not, unless you let me on.
That sins? The word makes me angry hearts and minds, a slap in the rejection of the past, Him up, suddenly brought back the cruel mouth, pinch my wrist as if to break,Christian Louboutin shoes, I really tired of not, and he was almost diametrically opposed to the gray with a face teeth,Christian Louboutin Platforms, and finally he slumped Baohou, Then hold down the middle I go to bed, I stumbled to sing it twice last barely sleep the past.
Night without a dream, but the water sweet sweet.
The next day he woke up refreshed grabbed my head chirp one,Christian Louboutin heels, and then went ahead rummaging through the agonizing, I did not focus Dali Christian Louboutin shoes: and I forced him down on the sofa.

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you not stop Christian louboutin for sale

 In fact, in my opinion, there are just some of the nature both of them naked bloodthirsty wild animal attack, but with the abundance of oily than him, , Christian Louboutin sale.

Christian Louboutin sale: In fact, in my opinion, there are just some of the nature both of them naked bloodthirsty wild animal attack, but with the abundance of oily than him, so he was being compared suffocation.
Look I do not speak,Christian Louboutin shoes, urging him anxious, My scimitar, He also had to give my full stomach, then broke off, is my light and the words Said, looked close watch on him, half down, had dark skin to mask a layer of more healthy, more black and shiny black eyes may reflect, I feel myself to be black and lights up the puddle that the superficial water, because his eyes glittering.
He swallowed,Christian Louboutin shoes, his Adam's apple moving a bit, the two huge sentimental silly Baji's on the TV, computer suddenly remembered After ripping a screen saver set.
What flavor. He paused,Christian Louboutin shoes, staring at my eyes getting free, I have surprisingly little hate smoke, usually there are some things will not export, but today I'm damn to wayward once, with his forehead against his ask, Chen Mo, you look at me, if tomorrow I'll give you a box of chocolates, what flavor you want. He caught me with annoyance hair, I will not hide him,Christian Louboutin shoes, rubbing his forehead and hold him up, he was forced air, the teeth do not say anything.
Stalemate, the hearing Luo Xiang knock the door of our house, you the answer. I heard him slam the door behind, slumped into a chair, paralyzed, doomed no match for him, his mouth no matter how try to be brave also Wanbu Hui heart never led.
Second ten minutes listening to music,Christian Louboutin shoes, and my heart slowly calm, Chen Mo came back, I just laughed when he set off to ask, whom to see him like a bully out of her sat on my desk, staring at the giant depressed I am a long time, suddenly distressed and cried -
Sophomore years, Xiao Zhu Chen Mo and make-up frustration in the end.
... ... by, what future, how do I know,Christian Louboutin discount! what can be thought of, and slowly walked to see not to know? what things to think about going out, the only way is to go, what to think. ( This sentence from Sylvia Chang, mushrooms like them very much)
Also: really regret it, in fact, the old man who taught well by the theory, when the scope of his paintings back out to do make-up of the ... ... anger.
- Chen Mo on July 2 xxxx Do note we go ... ...
Eat lunch today, I sick of that piece of big row, a surge of meat smell of fish, have lied, said Zhu Xiao delicious, lest he anger that I ate the last piece to the I know what's good, ... ... really terrible, and now also nausea,Christian Louboutin shoes, bad luck.
- Ningyuan An on July 2 xxxx my legs look ... ... I did not mean sloppy.
Great lunch today ranked as good to eat that piece of the way, do not lift the head Ningyuan An eat, but unfortunately went a little later, only to give him the last piece,Louboutin sale, I was my brother ~. Ah,Christian Louboutin sale, really seems to good to eat, Ningyuan An say so delicious delicious, greedy. Come home, let Niang gave me.
- Xiao Zhu on July 2 xxxx - End -
Zhe Yan
February 20,Christian Louboutin Pumps, 2005
Postscript: ah, finished finished, hard-working does not rust under the robust mushroom determined not to write a school paper by Zhu Xiao Zhu Xiao 
brother, you can not prevent heart I love you more and more I decided no matter how the views of the people regardless of how high Anand's popularity, I also must take Ningyuan An to you,Christian louboutin for sale, you not stop me you must not do not recognize their own feelings, you can not extinguished mushrooms growing in your favor have added shape ~!
Zhu Xiao inexplicable panic clutching his head: you, you consider the clear? Really want such a decision? I was not really escape ... ... ah,Christian Louboutin shoes, I mean you think I'm okay?
Mushrooms in a white background: by, how do I know you all right, ah, really yellow ... ...
Xiao Zhu: ... ... ... ... ... ... where you want to go. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Dancers Series - brother,Christian Louboutin shoes, you keep me BY: Ice Charm
I will work,Christian Louboutin sandals, I can do any cooking, washing clothes. I will not bother you, I grow up ... ... I will repay you. You raise me,Christian Louboutin shoes!
The fourteen-year-old boy yaya,Christian Louboutin shoes, is the man who left an indelible scars at home woman's son, but somehow, Jiawei first met him, gave rise to feelings of pity.
Although not related, but it is already his own brother.
This is not only cats and dogs, but a lack of family warmth of the children, they really have the means to support him?
But the situation is more than he expected to be smooth,CL shoes, and he make every effort to meet the material needs of Asia and Asia,
To him, he has been longing for the dance school,Christian Louboutin heels, was at home waiting for their feelings, could be so intoxicated.
Only the face of such delicate and beautiful boy, even if you like men,Christian Louboutin shoes,
Even if the thirst has been physically and mentally, he can not and that such attempts produced on Asia and Asia ... ...
Bustling city, the cross-flow of vehicles and flow is a beautiful landscape will never stop. Towering high-rise office buildings in the urban jungle. Although the evening, but still brightly lit. Dressed the major companies in the concentration of men and women doing endless reporting plan. Jiarui Gong, general manager of the office, Zhou Jiawei against the wide leather seats in, holding a stack of statements is meditation. Has started from the most difficult stage of development into a healthy track, but also a very good momentum of development. But the more the more this time can not be blindly arrogant, shopping malls and more is blowing hot and cold on, every step must be cautious.
Desk telephone rang, and Secretary of Miss passed in a soft voice: Since the mother died, three years, although the same in a city, but not father and son met again. In addition to the occasional pass telephone calls, is the time to sink into the pension money in his father's bank account. But recently called his father several times, there is not hesitant to say.
Zhou Jiawei hesitated a moment,Christian Louboutin shoes, deep, said: , 66, and would like a family reunion it. If you have time to go home. Zhou Jiawei silent sigh, and his father is really old. Seasoned not have the courage to bear their own actions, need to humbly request seasoned son home.
Time Christian Louboutin shoes: Xiao Zhu Chen Mo and make-up frustration in the end. **** ... ... by.

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ministry of bored to Louboutin sale

  Yunnan used to frown, consider slightly to week Zi Yan said: Zhou Zi Yan bowed and said: Zi Yan Zhou Xuan and the temple,Christian Louboutin sale, and , Christian Louboutin Shoes .
  Christian Louboutin sale: Yunnan used to frown, consider slightly to week Zi Yan said: Zhou Zi Yan bowed and said: Zi Yan Zhou Xuan and the temple,Christian Louboutin sale , and so on in a while, long while back I saw Yan Lin, Zhou Zi Yan said to His Majesty too busy,Christian Louboutin shoes, it is tied up, deliberately ordered his government to send back weeks adults. Also send one pair of geese flying Baiyu Pei,Christian Louboutin shoes, said His Majesty carry things for years, counted as adults deliberately used to give weekly apologize, please forgive me weeks of adults.
  Zhou Zi Yan mouth said,CL shoes , Suddenly the road one laughed: Zhou Zi Yan looking back, speak out the people who had greeted Yan Qing Zhu, Zhu served with a rhino, is the Ministry of Yuanwai Lang's official uniform,Christian Louboutin shoes, is commensurate with his face, smiled and said: Recently, soaring yet? Congratulations. Yan Qing Zhu hee hee laughs: Zhou Zi Yan said: Yan Qing Zhu said: . Teng Zhao Dian new throne,Christian Louboutin shoes, a bit not used to this,Christian Louboutin shoes, the king of Zhao Zhan residual forces moving in big, deep-rooted, very difficult. Although he was busy all day tied up, still always send someone to send a short note Zi Yan Zhou, except that some marigolds to open well, take care of themselves like a crushing thing. Zhou Wei Zhou Zi Yan proposed to return, Zhao Yunnan are so many excuses to refuse on the pretext that the DPRK more than things, Zhou adults also heir, in public and private is not the time to leave. Zhou Zi Yan desperation, the official wrote a memorial,Christian Louboutin shoes, requesting leave Beijing. Zhao Dian down near a decree formally, let him do the British Hall Xiuzhuan set.
  They separated a few days,Christian louboutin for sale , weeks Zi Yan Yan Lin to please go to the Chao palace. Yu Yan Lin is with the official seal as is Zhou Zi Yan with him to the former palace Zhao, Shumenshulu Qibao across a corridor, hear coming out of the front Shuiting on the ground, knocking walnuts. Hsin Tao Zi Yan week if he wanted to eat,Christian Louboutin shoes, how many people clamoring for him to make, so why should their own hands; or is it people like to play to get crack walnuts. To see him wearing robes, and not how uncommunicative, near to made Yiyi, said: Zhao Dian should be a cry,Christian Louboutin shoes, do not rise, still Zhigu took a hammer walnut, said: Zhou Zi Yan said: Zhao Dian laughed: Zhou Zi Yan said: Zhao Dian smiled: Zhou Zi Yan said: Zhao Dian stood up, the remaining walnut handed him to take advantage of holding out his hand, said: want to, you know, of course, become a good temper, but I do not care what kind of become, always hit you like. Zhou Zi Yan smiled and said: Dian Zhao nodded, said: Zhou Ziyan glanced at him, slowly authentic: Zhao Dian startled a moment, whispered: hesitate to look forward to meaning.
  Zhou Zi Yan smile and not answer.
  Instant twenty-seven days past, the emperor of the period of mourning has come to the house of Zhao Dian came to the throne formally at Daqing. Bells and drums,Christian Louboutin shoes, gongs, the ministers Shan Hu Long live with one of the solemn weather. The Green Week Ziyan wearing a silver belt clip in homage Chaohe Baiguan team, and occasionally look up at the time,Lady Glitter Slingback Gold , see Zhao Yunnan golden dragon sitting in a chair far away, watching the gentle touch of his eyes flashed a smile.
  VII, Rose Lu
  Although the closure of the set Zi Yan Zhou Ying Palace Xiuzhuan, but he does not always stay in the British set of the temple, most of the time the emperor was the administration Koch daily in the temple, helped organize the memorial Dian Zhao, less important, only Zhao Yunnan to look over written summaries; important than others,Christian Louboutin shoes, and it goes to the original. I do not know him so close to the imperial outsiders, just an ordinary road he did the paperwork. Zhao Dian often dine with him to stay, or try a new dessert, actually never deviant behavior.
  The new king ascended the throne has always been,Christian Louboutin discount , always promoted close to some of the old person, Zhou Zi Yan to know the state be set by a British house Xiuzhuan, is not new; but this gives frequent meals, can not help but stand out. Have good personal gain a lot of people make a careful inquiry, that week will originally Zi Yan deep personal friendship with His Majesty, His Majesty had to endure him take the lead, also did not mind smiling. News spread out, while,Christian Louboutin shoes, towards the bottom, he was met with Zhou Zi Yan who are polite.
  Day afternoon, the weather is very hot, Maemi V lazily on the willow cried. Ziyan week after finishing the stack of the memorial along with a few sheets of paper to the Royal Yunnan case of Zhao, and said: to reason and not together, let us retire the. Dian Zhao nodded and said: Zhou Zi Yan to be a cry Dianwai step Koch, a League Cadres will feel heat blowing, almost make one forced to go back. Suddenly he heard a small chamberlain walked to the companion whispered: ,Christian Louboutin shoes, Ye Hao body, the number of courtesan and every time he pressed further. Majesty certain satisfaction. Hsin Tao Zi Yan met this week for many years, the former not much good to see that one of Dian Zhao. Book of the foot to save, I do not know how, the right eyelid suddenly jump a few jumps.
  Yan Qing Zhu a few days after another in the Ministry of bored to tears,Louboutin sale , I heard a week of Zi Yan Chuan Zhao,Christian Louboutin , Xi Zizi got up. Going out, suddenly look back carefully read the weekly Zi Yan, grinning authentic: Merry little difficult. secluded private will of the time, be more careful, that Mo is beautiful nails stained with henna scratched face. Zhou Zi Yan laughed: Yan Qing Zhu low voice said: to, within two months,Christian Louboutin shoes, there must be mass annihilation! Purple seems shrouded,Christian Louboutin heels , break up ...... Well, fear is extremely difficult to ......Fudong Jun jack in the side and said: Yan Qing Zhu blink smile, said: Fu Dongjun a red face,Christian Louboutin shoes, turned his head did not answer.
  I do not know the two men beat Zi Yan Zhou any riddle, thinking about set-British temple official, hurriedly leave to go.
  Fudong Jun Yan Qing Zhu, poking the arm,Christian Louboutin shoes, said: Master Hsin Tao Yan Qing If I know,Christian Louboutin shoes, not on the street picking twelve thousand drafts of silver, came back to travel freely, still here to do. Enigmatic moment for a look, said: Fudong Jun said: Yan Qing Zhu hee hee laughs: Is ...... Yes,Christian Louboutin shoes, this and other disaster and, even if the Treasury move to me, I can not say for his side solution ...... Christian Louboutin shoes: very difficult. Although he was busy all day tied up.
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Louboutin Slingbacks bear to brush his meaning

 A few days later, Zhao Zi Yan Zhou Dian still come to visit,Christian Louboutin shoes, to see doors and windows are full of bright red double happines , Christian Louboutin Shoes .
  Christian Louboutin sale: A few days later, Zhao Zi Yan Zhou Dian still come to visit,Christian Louboutin shoes, to see doors and windows are full of bright red double happiness character,Christian Louboutin shoes, wait for a pull to go to. Zhou Zi Yan was leaning over the bed to rest eyes closed,Christian Louboutin shoes, footsteps, open eyes see is Zhao Yunnan,Christian Louboutin on sale , meaning there is no gift visit, only bowed.
  Zhao Dian looked at him silently for a moment, before opening: Zhou Zi Yan said: Zhao Yan Dian got up off the window, then poured a cup of tea to him, said: Zhou Zi Yan smiled and nodded.
  Zhao Dian heart an acid, not drive the head,Christian Louboutin Pumps , said: They spoke, a cat bed channeling,Lady Glitter Slingback Gold , the week of Zi Yan and gently stroked its fur supple, went to scratch his chin,Christian Louboutin shoes, said: Zhao Dian inexplicably hate my stomach, said: Zhou Ziyan eyes smile down, but not reply.
  Zhao Dian seen such a long while talking to him, feel a burst of disheartened, took out a palette from the sleeve, on hand Zi Yan Zhou, sadly said: Zhou Ziyan bowed and said: Zhao Dian barely smiled: Ziyan not Tuiju week, taking over palette open it, inside is a pair of mandarin ducks exquisite jade, jade Feelings of this to sound like, so skillfully crafted into a pair of mandarin ducks, looking up to speak, these two birds Jiyu each comb feathers. Zhou Pei Zi Yan picked up playing for a while mandarin duck, caught off the cat, it will jade tied neck. That cat is not happy since, two claws scratching long while, pull off the rope, jumped out of bed to meow loudly.
  XXV, Flying geese
  Zhao Dian was shocked, said: Zhou Zi Yan did not answer,Christian Louboutin sale , bent down, picked up the slender fingers that the cat and smiled, saying: either? Zhao authentic Yunnan breathed: Zhou Zi Yan nodded slightly.
  Zhao Dian confidence his face can not look surprised,Christian Louboutin shoes, looked very strange, he just threw himself a moment to hold tightly to kiss Zi Yan Zhou, but Zhou Zi Yan still own mind between the two can not dare to make times,Christian Louboutin shoes, and finally refrained. Zhao Dian heart is really too happy, speak the same week Zi Yan, has been fluttering Huhu, I do not know what your saying. Touch a cup of tea in his hand, until he come to drink the cold through a bite.
  Zhao Dian returned to the palace when it was late, he has dared to ask whether it is also willing to make up right Zi Yan Zhou. Think about sitting alone in a long while Yuhua House,Christian Louboutin shoes, pick up a pen to write a letter pad, looking at the end of a That messenger soon returned, enclose a palette, is that the couple had just installed jade box. Zhao Dian take up touching a little, ask to see letters Zi Yan Zhou any language, after all, did not ask exports. That messenger withdrew waved life, and gently shake it palette look, speak, not in the things Zhijian. He called the tone, open the Palette, look intently, but it is to send him his old piece of Geese flying Baiyu Pei.
  Can remember,Christian Louboutin shoes, this jade Zhao, Department of Yunnan has been waist, I do not know why, Yunnan and its treasures Zhao,Christian Louboutin shoes, from the refuse from the body. Zhou Zi Yan was transferred, that is, the two separated, Zhou Zi Yan also carried it, when they refunded. Zhao Dian stared take up that jade, looked at the engraver's BizArt Geese, speak,Christian Louboutin sandals , that's cool Zhitou to the heart to go, never Naniebuzhu, a soft hand, that jade fall to the ground, the sound bite Cui Xiang.
  The sound, jade has not broken, but their hearts are broken.
  Solitary or two that night, dawn, the mortal years, is fleeting dark I do not know how much change, green coming from the frost point.
  Zhou Zi Yan shortly after injury, XU Gui-life palace next to the twins. After many years, the palace has not add another son and heir, the DPRK and rumors, that temple of His Majesty then it is not involved.
  After heavy snow year, early in the morning, gently hanging red Prunus, the night did not melt the snow will melt, eaves the icicles dripping water drops to fall to, it is a rare winter weather. At that time Zaozhao side strike,Christian Louboutin shoes, the officials of the return Yousi, chatting all the way to talk, add a lot of winter activities in the gas.
  Zhao and Zhou Dian Zi Yan was much more relaxed,Christian Louboutin heels , both in the flying plum Huating the tea, Ting Wai sticks crosswise cold, cold fragrant flowers and cold on the table the next two months Baibing pattern cup,Christian Louboutin Platforms , tea is the more the state contribution did aforetime tea, water is the new snow last night. Zhou Xiang Pei Zi Yan sat, dressed in a purple robe, waist circumference group with a golden goal Brunei,Christian Louboutin shoes, Temple University, who is the view of the clothing article.
  Zhao Dian does not speak, and slowly over a cup of tea, it asked: Zhou Zi Yan and a sip of tea, said: Zhao Dian looked at him only half a cup of tea, then asked: Zhou Zi Yan shook his head, and then sip, got up and said: Take care. Zhao Dian looked at his back is still a beautiful grace, and slowly sip a cup of tea, but could not help but burst astringent heart then the next, the palm of Geese flying Bai Yupei clenched a bit.
  Zhou Zi Yan these years that he no longer be indifferent to that time, also had just a few words is so caring, Zhao Dian was no longer willing to ask: A few days later the weather turns cold,Christian Louboutin shoes, Zhao Dian momentary carelessness disease, initially only a small disorder is cold, just somehow unhealed. Day week Ziyan something palace, see the imperial doctor Cheng rear out from Koch, Huan Zhu asked him: Cheng respectfully authentic that the imperial doctor: Zhou Zi Yan slight frown and said: That the imperial doctor Cheng said: accompanied by His Majesty about daily more and more persuasion is indeed better than cure. Zhou Zi Yan Wei Tan a tone,CL shoes , said: It is difficult for the imperial doctor faces the color Cheng, said: Zhou Zi Yan frowned: Imperial doctor Cheng said: Zhou Zi Yan startled for a moment, slowly authentic: Increasingly cold weather, Zhao Dian day than the day the disease really heavy at first also supported in court, was already touching deathbed day, often sleeping. Apart from official weekly Ziyan it looked on him, Zhao Dian sometimes wake up to see him in the side, smiled and said: Zhou Ziyan whispered: Dian Zhao shook his head.
  This past January, has to Osamu,Christian Louboutin discount , it is the coldest season, eaves Dishuichengbing, look a the desolate bleak. Zhao Dian had no intention of eating, all helpless weeks Ziyan hand fed him three meals a day to eat,Christian Louboutin shoes, Zhao Dian could not bear to brush his meaning,Louboutin Slingbacks , barely swallow, at least it thin how much weight the disease still for a day like day.
  Day night, Zhou Zi Yan places in the Koch house, just outside the bedroom Zhao Dian. He could not sleep at night, and heard repeated Zhao Yi Dian loud in bed, somehow got up out of bed, opened the door, Hu You can not tell what kind of comments that not go in, just stood there looking at him.
  Zhao Dian heard the sound, open eyes see a week of Zi Yan, smiled and said: Zhou Zi Yan in silence, eyes gradually add some sad look.
  Zhao Dian also grabbing a smile,Christian Louboutin shoes, a long while closed his eyes and sadly said: Zhou Zi Yan whole body shake,2011 Christian Louboutin shoes , went to the bed to go and whispered: Zhaodianyangzai Christian Louboutin shoes: somehow got up out of bed.
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Christian Louboutin sandals for the expedition

 Do not promise ,,Distant land of the lotus leaf thick, but heard several more muffled Interactions.Fifth, the water like a mirrorZiyan woke , Christian Louboutin Shoes .
  Christian Louboutin sale: , Do not promise ......Distant land of the lotus leaf thick, but heard several more muffled Interactions.
  Fifth, the water like a mirror
  Ziyan woke up the next day weeks, is in the inn's bed. He opened his eyes, look in the window almost from the transit of the sun, and asked: Zhao Yunnan tea to his run down the throat, side replied: Zhou Zi Yan shook his head and asked: Zhao Dian smiled: Zhou Zi Yan to see his glances, how can there be the slightest bit affected by the cold look, he is considerate to know himself, mind some slightly awkward,Christian Louboutin shoes, like rolled over and a little of a move, her body is suddenly unbearable pain, whispered moan out loud.
  Zhao Dian busy: Week Ziyan shook his head.
  Zhao Dian said: It was a roll of notes essay, the words and Elegant, text Tian Shi, Zhou Zi Yan listened until they sleep in the past unknowingly.
  Zhao Dian shut it the book, smiled, bowed and kissed his cheek a print.
  After a few days,Christian Louboutin shoes, the two return to Koch in the temple, after a case of sitting in Royal, a few sitting on the small side next to the body of the memorial week are piled high. Occasional free time, they looked up, looking one, think in Zhenjiang,Christian Louboutin shoes, that half-day unaffected, straight is the warp.
  Then, after a while, came back from elsewhere Qing Zhu Yan, Zhao and Yan Dian Lin called him in the side hall meeting in secret, and often no doors of the house all day, memorial Ziyan one full week to deal with. Ziyan each week will be memorial organized, attached to their views,Christian Louboutin heels , be given to him to look over, Zhao Dian only cursory glance, it did so under the hair.
  Summer is over, they blink of an eye into the autumn,Christian Louboutin shoes, one evening, a small troop quietly away from the capital. Dawn,Christian Louboutin shoes, when the Board of Rites Yuanwai Lang Wang Sichen to Koch Dianwai please Ye,Christian Louboutin on sale , chamberlain was answered, Your Majesty is not in the temple, only weeks Zi Yan Zhou adults included. Wang Sichen fine to ask about, to find that weeks Zi Yan got closer to, but not taken the threshold, the hand over Zuo Yi said: sent. Wang Sichen also a ceremony, said: Zhou Zi Yan said: Wang Sichen startled, said: Zhou Zi Yan vertical eye smile, said: Wang Sichen Road out Zhou Zi Yan remember this time last year,Christian Louboutin shoes, heard at this human urge Zhao Zhong Dian Feast, can not help but smile.
  One night, Zhou Zi Yan Yuhua Court in the night man in his whole most of the night of the memorial,Christian Louboutin shoes, this time last leisurely down the page just close the paper, I heard sound of footsteps, one hugs him from behind.
  Zhou Zi Yan also know who not look back, asked: Zhao Dian laughed: Zhou Zi Yan said: Zhao Dian frowned, Wei Tan a tone, said: Zhou Zi Yan said: Zhao Dian smiled: Zhou Zi Yan said: Zhao Dian puzzled and said: Zhou Zi Yan smile: Zhao Dian absolutely can not think of him so frankly reveal the meaning of Acacia, sometimes enraptured, to test the tunnel: Zhou Ziyan still smile: Zhao Dian suddenly fluttering as in the clouds, and kissed his cheek, asked: Zhou Zi Yan glanced at him,Christian Louboutin , said: peace. Zhao Dian is not discouraged, lightly laughing, Simo Zi Yan Zhou grabbed a while,CL shoes , whispered: but disappeared in the lingering kiss in fine. Zhou Ziyan not had time to struggle, have been gently pinned Zhao Dian on the couch,Christian Louboutin sale , take off the outer shirt.
  Candle on the case a little to burn, the cool breeze from the window to drilling to a strand of crevices. Zhao Yan Dian got up to close the window a bit, softly: Zhou Zi Yan shook his head and said: Zhao Dian pro slightly moisten the beard of his, said: Zhou Zi Yan hesitated slightly,Christian Louboutin shoes, without a word.
  Zhao Dian hold him,Christian Louboutin shoes, and softly urged: Zhou Zi Yan distinguished from his face, whispered: Zhao Yi Zheng Dian slightly low on laughs: is separately traced. people have selfish, I do not want your hand in the matter. Zhou Zi Yan said: Zhao Dian said: . I do not want you addicted. The next day the evening, Zhou Zi Yan home, saw the west side yard and out of delivery of the burden of some bedding and other objects, nor how to care, back to the room getting dressed up occasionally to ask to serve their own little girl painted curtain said: Curtain drawing laughs: Zhou Zi Yan mind a slight movement,Christian Louboutin Wedges , said: XVI Ripples moving
  Zhongqiu Provincial Examination before and after the end of next January,Christian Louboutin shoes, the province is the test of any rites and Dian Zhao Zhao Wen made a scholar LI examiner or weeks,Christian Louboutin shoes, made a concept paper Zi Yan Temple degree, and another with any degree Zhengshu Yu Deputy Examiner,Lady Glitter Slingback Gold , along with preparations for the expedition,Christian Louboutin sandals , and after the successful candidates.
  In early January, when two men in Yuhua Court in the usual quiet of the private will,Christian Louboutin shoes, Zhao Dian Zi Yan talking about the same week,Christian Louboutin shoes, Zhao Gan has returned to Beijing the day before yesterday, also with a silly side slumped to a scholar, called Ning Qi.
  Then in front of successful candidates, Zhou Zi Yan busy all day, fingers hold a pen grip to stiffness,Louboutin sale , pain in eyes sour. Dian Zhou Zi Yan Zhao hold in his arms, fingers gently Rouan for him,Louboutin Slingbacks , smiled and said: , three similar, there are always right. Zhou Ziyan pillow on him eyes closed, idle authentic: Zhao Dian smiled and kissed Zhou Zi Yan fingers down and no longer speak.
  Successful candidates the day, due to the Emperor personally presided over the examination,Christian Louboutin shoes, another LI, Zheng Shuyu two experienced and prudent minister in the next week will be back to the concept of Zi Yan Wen house of transports and collects provincial examination papers. Gan Ning Qi Zhao sent the house into the set of the British examination,Christian Louboutin shoes, sometimes boring, thought actively look for a few weeks chatting Zi Yan. Front of the hall come to view the text, called a chamberlain had asked: That respectful Christine chamberlain Christian Louboutin shoes: is in the inn's bed. He opened his eyes.
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Geng mirror these words is Christian Louboutin UK

So like heaven Heaven is not necessarily willing to children who fall from the sky to get such a silly idea of jade,Christian Louboutin sale, hold , Christian Louboutin sale .
  Christian Louboutin sale: , So like heaven Heaven is not necessarily willing to children who fall from the sky to get such a silly idea of jade,Christian Louboutin sale, hold over, hold the number of satire satire, Xuyuweishe, secretly warned he could see him glance,Christian Louboutin heels , this What kind of grievances.
  Finally on my own, can really see him, but the scene was seen in the eyes too, so that he wished I heard about Wen Jian at the time of self-immolation was broken.
  Zhu Di had enough trouble this morning, finally had his client was incensed when he cursed the Board of Rites officials, is that called them to arrange a holiday break a lot of programs, but called them to receive foreign envoys have merged party , and so he had to face for the heavenly kingdom will be accompanied on the night time.
  Zhu Yunwen was listening to him curse, my legs almost see their point of almost not cozy up to the tragic scene was finally understand that usually fairly restrained Zhu Di,Christian Louboutin sale, how did last months have refused to give up a night, half bath and strong to a back,Christian Louboutin sandals , he wear neat, and also to sleep in a withdrawn from circulation, he felt, hard kiss on the bed by his miss almost suffocating really count,Christian Louboutin sale, the original son of a bitch is trying to copy with the discussion tonight was enough.
  Zhu Yunwen thought of Zhu Di was wearing a robe Mamalielie like to have sort of a grandfather with the emperor,Christian Louboutin sale, even if the bones have rogue robes plus air cover all the body also can not cover.
  That will come tonight Zhu Di, Zhu Yunwen wait to get one sent down early, and coincides with the festive season, let them go Why Why Love!
  Listen Zhuyun Wen Geng mirror speech,Christian Louboutin sale, Gankaiwanduan except the changes, but he was so kind to others, like choking throat discomfort,Christian Louboutin sale, and sometimes more difficult words.
  Zhu Yunwen see the words, the departure is neither reflected nor sound, could not help but turn around and look it.
  Into the aims can imagine he was a familiar face, slumped over a few seconds after the shock and said:
  Xu Zhu Yunwen think it makes him once arranged that the Queen fled to the forces of Queen Xu Zhu Di himself was eventually found, but in vain thousand innocent people, adding the Puji Temple, Pu Jin Yiwei contact the master is also still trapped in prison,Christian Louboutin sale, he had not pretend that we can escape Zhu Di of the palm, more reluctant to bear the ruins of their own body now and then hurt the other, in vain to lose good people for his life.
  This can be done without thought to the matter was brought to light on the Daughter. Geng Zhu Yunwen words such as bolt from the blue mirror is no doubt that day, though to let him see Ganchangcunduan, but he said to himself: It is a thief using dirty tricks to force Yan Wen Jian, then gentle what can people do not obey, he will looking forward to was put out,Christian Louboutin sale, even if the body was stained Yan thief, his heart is clean and dust does not get infected.
  With this belief he actively look for opportunities to save Zhu Yunwen a fire pit, did not want to chance to come so soon, Mid-night feast and let him know this, then do not start now, when. Everything is ready, only a strong wind, not like as 'wind' of Zhu Yunwen is nostalgia here and willing to go, but advised him to court for their lives Yan thieves.
  Under the attack by this gift of forgetting is put monarch and his subjects,Christian Louboutin sale, rushed to withhold Zhu Yunwen shoulders.
  Not anxious few words words, Zhu Yunwen has struggled to shake off his hard hand, backward off.
  Geng Zhu Yunwen mirror did not expect such a fierce reaction to a moment of quiet.
  Geng mirror I do not know actually, since with Zhu Di Zhu Yunwen have sex with him, is physically unable to extricate themselves addicted to Decipher. It can be raw silk for men's consciousness, so that he was very afraid of the same sex psychologically strong body, heavy breathing. One night after night writhing body beneath the release of Zhu Di,Red sole shoes , was drowned lust, heart break apart confused tough physical strength,Christian Louboutin sale , regardless of mourning is like the top of the body's internal organs should outrageous, excitement among the coarse breath spray in my ears carved into the soul.
  Zhu Yunwen was really afraid, Zhu Di, the man with the action that made him fear to the bones of biological, although he is a man or say why because he is more afraid of men, born of the body structure is to allow him to pleasure a woman, not so men obtained from the unparalleled satisfaction.
  Do not even around these eunuchs, including his most appear to be Zheng He, Zhu Yunwen also never let them close, one he believes he is dirty,Christian Louboutin , and second, he was afraid. Zhu Di was the only thing he had to tolerate.
  Geng mirror can not understand, a quiet moment after the thought of the day across the downpour Geng mirror, see Zhu Yunwen all along is how will he hold in any full Zhu Di, and his shoulders are so resistant to touch the next offensive. Because flying across the rain, so he was unable to see the smiling eyes flooded Zhu Yunwen biting off the disgust.
  What is jealousy! Is this the real world people have lost self-poison, is the cradle of all evil first, is out of the last finishing touches reason.
  The mirror allows the envy Geng now rapidly growing, and allowed to dominate the soul.
  The author has to say: Although no one so I updated, but still talk about it!
  Friday, I have to struggle for five meters and bustle,Christian Louboutin Pumps , there is no effort to update.
  See you Friday! ! !
  Chapter 19
  almost word by word came from his teeth, said he did not want to break,Christian Louboutin sale, but do not want to talk about. His original idea was a blueprint to save Zhu Di Zhu Yunwen claws, Zhu Yunwen if feel alone,louboutin shoes , seek a sub for his country girls spend a lifetime, so let Zhuyun Wen is due to the living like when, he such a feeling from the track can be hidden life. Zhu Yunwen as Buddha in his heart has been as inviolable, Zhu Di himself and do not deserve defile him. But now you can actually Zhu Yunwen comfort rather than to seek immediate escape,Louboutin Sale , no doubt to his mind a crack crack deities, but also a way to avoid him like a snake's, so that the flame of his mind named envy burn even more vigorously,Christian Louboutin sale, so that he could not help out the ugly words.
  Geng mirror these words is short,Christian Louboutin UK , fall Zhu Yunwen ear is undoubtedly the most sharp sharp edge, so he had a full view of the illusion has been stripped. Prostitute Zhu Di, Zhu Di for Zhu Yunwen for people to see and know yourself Jiuchen is completely different concepts.
  Zhu Yunwen heart hundred thousand turn back a moment and think, if the mirror to explain the causes and effects Geng Geng feel that they are mirror set lard s heart, or will want to save yourself out of the dark teeth to bite, fell on their own have had such a field, also care about what the face, face,Christian Louboutin sale, lining the first time back in proximity to the time of Zhu Di,Christian Louboutin sale, torn,Discount Christian Louboutin shoes , and Geng mirror let him be misunderstood misunderstood your fill, but also to eliminate him to save his heart, his past has nothing left Jiuchen , one can live one. Zhu Yunwen naive after all, had he lost due to underestimation of the throne of human nature,Christian Louboutin sale, this time he also was misjudged human nature, so when he deliberately light mouth, tongued words:
  has never been beaten, Zhu Di, no matter how frustrating in bed he got out of bed but even the summary of what your fingers have not been, not only that, but also as Baby Jane was like treasure, at the moment to suffer Geng mirror slap, but a fool , leaned on the desk propped askew,Christian Louboutin sale, his face was burning pain, my heart was not as bad.
  Geng mirror slap has not thrown a vent, and rushed to his breast Chezhu Zhuyun Wen Leng Leng also said: Christian Louboutin shoes: Mid-night feast and let him know this.
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who has not ordered Christian Louboutin Pumps

 Meals not care about almost motionless, according to income according to place.In addition to simple Lenggong itself, the clothing and food aspects , Christian Louboutin sale .
  Christian Louboutin sale: Meals not care about almost motionless, according to income according to place.
  In addition to simple Lenggong itself, the clothing and food aspects of the idea is not ill-treat him Zhu Di, was the best silk dress, eat the food is Seiko secret agents. But he lived in the good taste of his old unit was in the bloody horror, let him eat flavored how to live the peace of mind.
  He brought food indifferent,Christian Louboutin sale, continue to stand by the window looks into the distance and wanted to see a wall across the layers outside the situation. His eyes not penetrate the wall, there are nearly two shadow far into his eyes.
  Look stature bearing, a look that is insurance Zhu Di and Masan. Zhu Di, the arrival of his Suijue uncomfortable,Christian Louboutin sale, but he also knows that in order to get information out too, only from Zhu Di was most likely to get at.
  He still stood by the window did not turn around, a big hand with anger disappeared, to catch his shoulder turned to him.
  Martial arts hand efforts to control the anger did not,Christian Louboutin heels , such as hook-like Niede while his eyes black.
  more than insults. I would also like to put his intention, and asked him do not care about clan, but he has Naiwo He A family of ten. one of his friends and family tied to his eyes, his eyes neither look up with. He that is, to persons To friends who died, how can I not by him, all he was a Liufangqiangu. Zhu Yunwen is heard the more hack.
  He has always been compassionate, believe in 'Man's nature is the good'. Who had never resented this, but this time he really hate, hate yourself, hate in front of people. Have been useless hate, hate Zhu Di frenzied.
  Chapter 3
  Everyone without prior warning of, afraid of thousands of years endless curse you? clean.
  Zhu Di to see he had a pair of gentle eye pupil, injection stinging coldness, walk away will not help him down.
  Zhu Yunwen fear these days, they are not good eating, the body has long been emptied, how had this pinching Yishuai by, or on the ground hum hum neither lost consciousness soon passed on.
  Zhu Di had like a prairie fire,Christian Louboutin sale, such as anger, to see him do all scattered faint,Christian Louboutin sale, waved his hand to the horse behind him came forward to take care of Sambo.
  The only remaining point in looking at the sky glow, think he a good nephew, always 'reputation condemning',Lady Glitter Slingback Gold , will be sounding in the armed forces under the Road decree, saying that 'Zhenyao live Huang Shu'. What feather flock together,Christian louboutin for sale , people in groups, no wonder relationship with Fang Xiaoru monarch so well, a group of life more important than the reputation of a big fool,Christian Louboutin sale, Zhu Di not help lengheng aloud.
  Masan Paul can not catch sight of the food is almost frantic little dolls, old and more children,Christian Louboutin Platforms , not walk, can not speak,Christian Louboutin sale, to know better on the food.
  He too is now holding the Second Emperor Jianwen Prince, one was hungry, meal, mental incompetence of the dolls.
  Eleven-year-old made a eunuch was castrated, Zhu Di, the age of nineteen was the case, elected to Yan Palace service. This followed the master so many years, did not do anything, that charity has long been thrown into the Java way, did not think this father and son now out of hearts full of bear.
  Yan Wang to Lenggong has been since the last three days,Christian Louboutin boots , this day has not dripping into Wen Jian, Yan Wang hungry after his son came to know him down!
  by the point of sin,Christian Louboutin Wedges , you die on the buried alive. Masan Paul saw death staring at Yan Wang Wen Jian filled the eyes of hate, not help admire their own masters, even forcing people so moist to the point that jade!
  Zhu Yunwen dead after a moment later, go out into the mouth and grabbed the bowl down,2011 Christian Louboutin shoes , thanks to porridge is warm, or non-burn is not, and yet due to fall too quickly, Lai Buji swallow, choking in the trachea, the cough had a seven dirty eight elements, stop the bowl of a lost cough,Christian Louboutin sale, Zhu Di was still angry stare.
  Pale cheeks had contracted Cardinal because of cough, dry lips due to exigencies of warm porridge become wet, Double Vision due to anger burned black and black and had not had a drop of pharyngeal residue off porridge, slide down the arc the clothes inside. Zhu Di that whole body heat up,Christian Louboutin sale, even he felt very envious of that drop of residual porridge.
  Master does not feel, want to go out, suffer from the hands of her child, but also reach out to hold the son of Emperor Jianwen.
  Zhu Yunwen to hug their children, children suddenly tight pinch the neck with both hands. Masan ensure that not to pull, and she did not really use the full power to let go.
  He knew the Emperor's Mind is the next building can not be that cruel, or I do not know now a prisoner who's also a.
  As emperor he was too kind, and sometimes indecisive, if he be courtiers, that he could loving the people as children,louboutin shoes , have clean hands, yet he is the emperor, this may be the tragedy of his!
  Ma San Bao Wen Jian from the near collapse of the hands, hugged cried even more tragically the two princes, took him to eat snacks on the table stopped crying, completely unaware of the hands of just father almost died.
  Zhu Yunwen holding hands, sitting disheveled in bed. Kids just do not know things, but how can I forget him, you just want to strangle offspring. He felt crazy,Christian Louboutin UK , even my mind would run out of time 'to strangle the child, die with a clean' the idea.
  Masan Paul to see him this way,Red sole shoes , sheets of the mouth to say something,Christian Louboutin , but in the end did not feel that they stand open without a sound. Think their own masters exception, would rather go to see, after all, is their Enchongrushan Yan Wang, Wen Jian fortune was also decided to Yan Wang. I really do not have the heart to the father and son, not as useful to talk about from their own masters.
  And remains a wonderful reflection of the two princes to the maids Kwong Temple,louboutin outlet , and commanded better serve thin,Christian Louboutin Shoes , plus an outstanding 'and then come down is Wanggong Gui Qi'.
  Arranged to go to Yan Wang, who has not ordered materials are not seen by their masters command. He is also a clever transparent one, or else that can not be trusted cited Yan Wang, and so reused.
  What the brain like flash, but pressure to stop the. Unrest spread in the bottom of my heart, always felt there was wrong, but also to seize the signs. Whole mind, quietly so called masters.
  Zhu Di words hastily gone,Christian Louboutin sale, they discovered that their desire for Zhu Yunwen there,Christian Louboutin Pumps , even if he has always despised the world, but also horrified contempt of etiquette.
  They remove the blood, still with the men, teens on the battlefield, fighting north and south for decades, and the soldiers ate, lived. Missing women march to war again, he did not have any desire men, not to mention that he now got the world, stunning world which can not warm bed. How is a man's Zhu Yunwen Quedui burned with the desires, women are more private than his heart, the idea sprang.
  Chaos,Christian Louboutin sale, and chaos. He alone, close to think, to deny that desire was rising too, but more so,Christian Louboutin sale, Zhu Yunwen porridge drink more and more clear after the scene in the mind, body heat is the next point to gather the body, not help Christian Louboutin shoes: this may be the tragedy of his.
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