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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

5 factors you must consider before choosing an advertising media

I'm a magnet for splattering grease. My cats will take front-row, away from the splatter-zone, and then like to watch me in utter mockery as they see me dance and dart away from the stove top while I make those little sounds like "AAAh!" "YIKES!" "OH NO!" and "SHHHIT!". It must be like the equivalent of "WWF" to them, only without the popcorn and the Budweiser's.

Flatter your faceAt present, an increasing number of people are trying to keep with the pace of fashion and progresses. They are looking for various fashion stuff to help them make a fashion statement. Like fashion clothes, jewelries that are considered as indispensable fashion items, eyeglasses is become a fad.

ConclusionsWith last yearly-reported net earnings of $1.98 per common stock, and 2010 net earnings estimates of $3.10 per common stock, I think that the $9 threshold is more or less 5 years away, and this is if everything goes as it has until now: if no new and/or better competitors enter the market, if marketing and corporate expenses are maintained in current proportions, if movie rights and cost of product don change much, if technology changes don disrupt the market, and if so many other variables don move the industry and the company from current trends. So, I think that assigning a P/E multiple of 27 2015 earnings personal guesstimate at current prices- to a company that pays no dividend, reinvests all of its earnings, and that seems like it has not much more growth potential than those $9 per common already counted for, is a very high multiple that pricing the company for perfection. Below $120 I may be a buyer that may be an overstatement- but at current prices I would have sold my shares yesterday.

My body is not me. The things that are TRULY important - my real "beauty", as it were, was always there, if it is there at all. Honor and honesty and kindness and acceptance don't arrive because I have less fat hiding my bones. The word fashion has long since been associated for the feminine, the ladies. This statement though correct to some extent is not the complete truth. Men like to pursue fashion the same way as women but the difference is in their modest attitude as they don't flaunt.

Ok the above is fiction, but it's what's at the back of the majority of collector's minds, especially those who collect art. Buy it cheap and sell it for squillions. Just don't rely on it as your retirement fund. Make sure you have enough small items on your registry that can accommodate all budgets, but also so that your guests can put together a group of items as well. You'll have guests who will give you a night stay and a bottle of wine at sunset, to be helpful and personal at the same time. But don't shy away from the big-ticket items too.