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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Christian Louboutin, human call you sibling

  The problem with such a logic of supplementation is that it does not create a suf?ciently high degree of supernuity. In presentations of utopias, fashion is normally absent. We can already see this in Thomas More’s Utopia, where everyone wears the same type of functional clothes that have not been dyed and have not changed their form for centuries. More also stresses that all clothes are used until they wear out.
Seeing the starting of December yet, and December 10 namely the deadline for submission of go, the shadow of his works also have not seen where, Zhang Shaoyu is somewhat impatient lit. But he knew namely there is no urgency to use, and the more anxious the extra distress. Too, the premier engaged, playing because a when.
Bedroom in the web, using a Netcom, Zhang Shaoyu wanted to play street basketball Councils,Louboutin hot sale, the client can have the afterward five hours, he was not the patience, the microcomputer was shut, prepared to work get Yangting Yao, work get some fresh wind . Nest in the bedroom these days, it is sick.
The results phone a dozen in the past, Yangting Yao is act graduation,Louboutin on sale, Zhang Shaoyu of way, not force, their own one human was away. Weather is good, ah, the days of December, children, and seldom saw a return to the sun, along to the body lukewarm, it felt extremely snug. Out of the door, Zhang Shaoyu walking aimlessly, musing almost writing thing.
Knew it, he looked up and found herself in a completely curious area, looking favor this, it seems to be a residential space. How come here, and was about to go back and leave, meantime arguing fly.
Zhang Shaoyu how to listen to this sound so familiar ah? Tracks the sound looked away from him in almost 5 alternatively six meters from the entrance place, a man wore in security uniforms, are pushing and boosting to arrest a person out. The man's behind, Zhang Shaoyu feel quite familiar, for not seen to be affirmative,Louboutin, too not sure, the moment they walked quondam.
Security seems to be anxious, television drama has been pushing folk out the door he wanted to go. Happens that folk do not seem convinced, and stood inactive, cows with high Ma security, even shove he did not.
Walked over to see Zhang Shaoyu shocked, none additional than to leave the bar shortly before the Tangkui. Moment he has been wearing a green militia jacket vintage white, blue napkin jeans, carrying a woven story, an side reddened fiercely staring at security.
See Zhang Shaoyu emerge Tangkui a bit panicked, rapidly looked down, afraid to look at him.
That security is still quite scurrilous, Zhang Shaoyu security has all been repugnant for a wade, look not look at him, coldly on Tangkui said: Tangkui stare of that security one, followed.
Zhang Shaoyu gas in my heart, ah, really taste a tiny corner iron into iron. You mention you did something wrong, ah, you like kid, blind kid to know you're a pack rat! This is a man doing something erroneous? Not too disgrace!
Along the access,Christian louboutin, Zhang Shaoyu is silent they simply buried their way in front. Tangkui carefully followed, he could penetrate, Zhang brother seems elated, notwithstanding I do not know for what, yet still cautious, afraid to mention a word.
Roll-out zone to the street,Discount christian louboutin shoes, when Zhang Shaoyu suddenly stopped,Louboutin outlet, turned nigh and stared at Tangkui, long while silent.
Tangkui unconscious with his brain down, afraid to face his eyes.
Say something pleasing,Christian Louboutin, human call you sibling, in fact, it bluntly, that is, a common friend, what makes you eligible curse?
Tangkui slightly elevate the beginning, looked Zhangshao Yu, voicelessly replied: .
Zhang Shaoyu looked at him,Louboutin sale, favor this, where like a sixteen-year-old chap also looks like the old man virtually half, had sub is not high, yet long raiment,Christian Louboutin Pumps, dress with a skirt-like, for well as feet couple of broken shoes, do not understand what year the product, toes are extended out.
Other Tangkui out his lunch, Zhang Shaoyu seven feet high imposing man, a sword to his nape and ambition not look at the Tiehan brow,Christian louboutin sales, the neb actually one sour, about did not call out.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Brand shop - consumers act a maturity period

  For the last ten years, however, fashion has been de?ned by a logic of supplementation, by which all trends are recycla- ble and a new fashion hardly aims at replacing all those that have gone before, but rather contents itself with supplement- ing them.34 The logic of replacement has itself been replaced by that of supplementation (or one of accumulation, if you prefer), in which the mechanism that promises that the new will replace the old is no longer operative. Instead, the old and the new – or rather, perhaps, the old and the old – exist side by side. As Andy Warhol established for art: ‘There’s room for everybody.’35 The modus operandi of fashion has changed. Traditionally, fashion requires a steady stream of new objects that will soon become super?uous.
As the network shopping environment matured, consumer buys the mentality of also entered a maturity period. Relative to a few years ago gone after blindly low-cost buys characteristics, have truly "quality" ensure the shopping experience became the new consumer pursuit.
Today, in addition to shop SOHO gens outside, more and more brand businesses are open up their own online. Brands businessmen value is different from the traditional retail shopping network of five characteristics: firstly, network store in products, types, no business area of limit, Second, the network shopping without any time, regional limit, Third, online shop cost is low; Four, China's Internet shopping crowd grows year by year, Five, information release fast, can be used as the traditional channel favorable supplement. Use the brand advantages, these itself a brand shop online, we received e-commerce gens welcome, even attracted many brands of loyal fans Internet esau goods.
However, the network life also brand businesses Utrecht. Compare up on high, before lack of affinity image, today's brands also gradually turn play "FuWuPai" to and online numerous size businessman "rob runway". Online shopping, cheap price, quality assurance outside, also absolutely not the service "tool". Some vendors can 24-hour online, reply problem; Some guarantee 7 days, 14 days we exchange, Some of the old customer integral discounts, and special birthday gift...
According to the reporter understanding, ebay will have a training/design/management/promotion schemes to help garrisoned merchants to quickly enter role, constructing shop, business. And businessmen in marketing is also each surprisingly recruit. For example, using its daphne the sales network, the commitment on ebay net shopping users enjoy the national exemption freight preferential. But Essential "yi hands" online oil free activities, helping them on ebay quickly opened a market.
Seller real-name system
Ebay seller real-name system is the earliest execute "authentication website", this is to guarantee the quality of goods seller and buyer assured transactions, let the important means. Meanwhile, ebay seller guarantee of "quality", we made seven days more 14 days, first compensate undertake exchange, let buyer further protected.
Ann FuTong
Ebay "Ann FuTong", let buyers "first inspection, after payment", buyers master the payment are safe. No extra registration, a dozen e-currency gm, convenient. The more spares remittance poundage oh, money!
Human guide
Ebay new online guide and telephone guide service, designate personnel to help you search want goods, absorbs, multifarious, never worry can't find time.

Dynamic chun xia Xuan dance in Beijing - contemporary fashioh

  The result is that contemporary fash- ion is characterized by a general contemporaneity of all styles. With the ever-increasing speed of recycling we have come to a point where fashion – by realizing its potential to the full – has done away with its own logic. Fashion used to follow a modernist norm, in that a new fashion was to replace all previous ones and make them super?uous. The traditional logic of fashion is a logic of replace- ment.
At the end of march, located at Beijing shunyi district covers an area of 10 square meters of new China international exhibition center and ushered in the new opening, the opening of the first large international exhibition - the sixteenth China international clothing exposition (CHIC 2008). From around the world gathered here from excellent clothing brands, showing the latest fashionable, colorful breathtaking.
Is this year new settlement W4 exhibition hall, the independent children's clothing, organizers said this exhibition children's clothing brand 80 home, for the calendar year. Domestic famous children's clothing brand Annil (Ann) with nanotubes son 08 chun xia couture wonderful appearance, is fundamental key with white, adornment, modelling novel of exhibition hall in the colorful history of children's clothes inside, having a unique style, attracts a lot of viewers stop to visit. In the centre of the hall creative-minded large rabbit mountain, by Annil (Ann) brand symbol naraku son - over the various lovely rabbit doll elaborate collocation and become, let a person look over unforgettable.
March 28 afternoon, Annil (Ann) children released naraku son 08 springsummer strong, professional display a model with a fit6 dance open Ann nai son 08 chun xia fashionable rubik's cube. "Wizard fairy", "charming cowboy", "into the Aegean sea", "blueberry bubble fu" four series of exquisite clothing with small models the self-confident smiling face, one for the viewers.
Annil (Ann) 2008 spring indisputably naraku son of "wizard fairy" series with esthetical gimmick, creation delicate relaxed men and women children's clothes. Girls clothing in the design on attention lace drape and perfect union, pattern pattern longitudinal mix build, different fabrics collocation, forming texture rich effect. The boy apparel design is to show originality, bumping into positive and negative color before and after the formation of two pieces of clothing illusion. Listensing structure online adopted part made cutting methods, using line mark effect performance design modelling.
Free and independent, adventure, sexy -- is different from cowboy style consistent straightforward hale, "charming cowboy" series still reflected Ann nai son of sunshine, handsome and implicit publicity. The boy clothing with yellow, orange mass-tone, foil the traditional cowboy blue, Girls dress theinhabitant using yellow and purple two-tone rendering a romantic aesthetic feeling.
As a tribute to the Beijing games, as well as on Olympic spirit Annil salute, Ann nai son) with the designers from distant Athens, Greece, pick up the inspiration, create "into the Aegean sea" series. Sun, sea, beach, history is the range of keywords. Greek blue, David gray, Virginia red, bleach, bright and clean tonal, design style is concise prominent characteristics of widening shape, highlights the fine detail varies, on design adopted some hand-painted effect, pattern is used on the Aegean sea amorous feelings of lattice reflect, bars, fish such as form patterns. Leisure style, in detail place casual popup movement information: red blue stripe, sports lapel design, chic, tennis skirts, let baby of sweet nai son, vigor.
"Blueberry bubble fu" series is Annil (Ann nai son) traditional style of express again, anything like and 07 chunxia "sweet the rui" series. Stylist by beautiful pink, inclusive of apricot, quiet pale blue and pure white, build downy simple extremely ShengHuoGan design. Fabric adopts special effect to the activity of the same color printing, burn flower fabrics, seersucker material such as gentle lightsome feeling, create using lace, toothpicks plait, smoke wrinkle ironed ablazely v-effect and small amounts of expanding, burr and edge congener color such as the spell hit, let every dress from type design to fabric craft are very harmonious. Bowknot illuminative detail, lantern skirt feet, refined shaft stripe shirts, considerate soft feel more prominent quality.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

CCTV fashion brand : To say that philosophy does not change

  To say that philosophy does not change solely for rational reasons, but quite often for the sake of change itself, is to concede that philosophy too, at least partially, is subject to fashion. This, though, is a description that challenges the ambition of modern philosophy to attain an absolutely rational self-determination. The philosopher Hans-Georg Gadamer claims that fashion regulates only those things that could just as easily have been completely different
Brand to enter the noticeable primarily in high-end retail market, we first need to analysis, as China's general clothing retail market have how characteristics.
Since 1996, China mainland retail market has undergone earth-shaking changes in international market with, international new retail mode and a new format connectingrails, foreign various retail mode enters China in succession. In the next 10 years, department stores in the retail market developing, after two specialization. The first is divided specialization. Category Such as shopping plaza (supermarket) is mainly directed against the daily life necessities for the Lord; Gome, suning appliances, Sweden's ikea, there are professional material for building 100 how to reside etc, they all become strong retail formats, who even become "category killers," industry chain of guangdong, the channel is China zero sells the market "category specialization" results. The first professional, the general is mainly completed positioning in dress class, including clothing, shoes, leather, jewelry, cosmetics, etc. In high-grade market retail mainstream platform transformation. The second specialization is mainly aimed at department stores industry's market segmentation - consumer class specialized segmentation. Although most department stores are located in the dress class in high-end market, but the market still have consumption class differences, for instance: guangzhou friendship group mainly is a luxury positioning, AnBai department store is popular fashion positioning, modern department store is discount positioning, etc. Department stores appears to have a class subdivision positioning, micro differential operation pattern.
1998-2001, the state department store the management mechanism of thorough transformation, almost by purchasing system transform for the brand LianYingZhi. Brand LianYingZhi basic core is assumed jointly with brand sales risks to sales commission, as a major benefits. In fact, at present besides the department store their individual brand agent outside, most costumes class brand, department stores have withdrawn from the marketing first subject, its main function is to construct clothing brand marketing platform, mainly in joint under the system of department stores no actual commodity business sovereignty.
Department stores industry as a China apparel industry as an important branch, in order to avoid homogeneity management, very important is precise positioning. The general is how to realize oneself in the retail market a precise positioning? The main means is through brand screening. Brand screening determines the department store brand portfolio, and brand portfolio decision department enterprise basic orientation, basic position determines the market segment and consumption levels, directly affecting profit level. Namely department store is through chosen clothing brand positioning, to realize oneself in the retail market positioning. That is to say, both in the retail market segmentation positioning, decided he will choose what kind of brand cooperation.
2: march in high-end department stores market, brand locate precisely
Any clothing brand in the market, its basic orientation, directly determine whether can enter in high-end department stores, do not accord with basic position brand limited access to the department store. For example, some brands by CCTV, paper media advertising is more, brand awareness and widely known degrees is relatively large, but such brand doesn't become a department store object, especially the favour of a second city matured in the department store. Why? Is not the social business relationship does not reach the designated position, nor brand name not ring, but positioning wrong, "famous doesn't equal high-grade". A few years ago has entered into the indigenous Chinese famous department stores, and not have withdrawn from? Don't understand market segment positioning principle, it is hard to understand markets change after choice.
Once again stressed brand awareness does not represent brand market positioning, well-known cannot replace subdivision positioning. This is that if a high brand awareness, market positioning is three or four lines market, it is as hard to enter to department stores for subject in high-end market. Brand subdivision positioning, has become almost brand only id card, is so, "positioning than AD."
Industry has a point of view: the brand strategy of high, medium and low market three arrows qi faren, each segment market to brand strategy the role of different, low end the market do wholesale, ensure quantity; Intermediate market do store, ensure share and profit, High-end market mainly is to promote the brand awareness. For a brand, body and high, medium and low three market marketing strategies, in actual retail market is feasible? Basically the answer is negative.
First department store this one high market, and it is difficult to realize this brand 'tucked-in' opportunities. In high-end department stores as a representative of the retail market, will only choice and own identity location in brand positioning, for those who ZhongDiDuan brand, do not accord with the department store positioning, basic not cooperate, even after the choice, but also very outstanding performance in a department store at the edge of the brand can be eliminated. Dress in in high-end market the compatibility of the relatively poor, high and may, high-end brand into public fashion department stores, department stores are willing to favorable conditions of introduction, in order to improve the department store positioning and class. For low-grade brand, especially famous brand, difficult and low-grade during terminal department markets were compatible.
From the department store to brand positioning strictly define see not hard, clothing brand marketing, and FMCG and durable consumer goods marketing is quite different. Such as green arrow gum as a fast consumption goods, it can in department stores sell, can be in supermarkets sell, even a grocery store, the street newspaper stand, ice cream shop sales. As long as it is to see consumer place, it can all sales, this does not affect its brand itself, because it is one of "the mass" positioning, up to the President and down to a beggar, everyone can consumption.
Dress of dress or shoes, no matter, there is a strict market segment, which is widely considered positioning age the most widely sportswear, after years of marketing, also subdivided into business occasions sportswear, sports, is located in the occasions sportswear sports also has stressed the function, emphasize fashionable, such as KAPPA.
Brand to enter the high-end department stores, it has to change. What is the brand? Brand in the textbook, the definition given too much, with fashionable consumer goods, for example, to HangYeHua bolt solution brand popularization and is necessary, the brand by "tasting" and "brand" composition, what is "tasting"?
"Tasting" word is three mouth words, the first mouth words contain "type", "raw material and craft modelling", the second word is fashionable, "mouth" is fashionable and trend, "was" is delicate with nobility, the third mouth word is "management and service", management refers to efficiency, "effect" is accurate, "rate is rapid, the service is a kind of comprehensive experience, from six elements can read today's brand" tasting "word, actually is specialized in high level of connotation representative.
What is "brand"?
"Brand" is the commodity in the consumers' mind in position. Have position is to have no position, is no CARDS, CARDS, even though some commodities have awareness, but for a consuming capacity of middle class, he/she will not choose to buy this brand, such goods, at best, in the market segment consumers heart, not brand, is only a heard the name.
Brand name should have not only metamorphosis internationalization, product quality and design also wants refinement, vogue, including operational capability of specialization and professionalism, because in high-end market expansion and pay cost and cost is larger. One aspect is in response to department stores intense competitive brands, but also in order to deal with in the service demand gradually high consumer expectations.
South China region has some brands, do not have high visibility, advertising on some of the main TV media didn't advertise, but they are in high-end market with terminal marketing start brand, performance stability is outstanding, the recent Beijing market investigation and research, a men's clothing brand new terminal display prominently, after understanding that the brand's headquarters in Beijing only with less than 50 square meters of office workers also is very little. Terminal overall performance cannot infer what this is in a remote under fifty square meters office buildings in operation of the brand, consumer at least think this is a has a large scale enterprise. This is typical of the terminal marketing case.
Three: enter in high-end market in three phases, specialized management to win
Enter in high-end market, at least two considerations. The first argument, if brand is changeless, commodity quality is changeless, the original proxy, wholesale channel is changeless, operation mechanism of existing department store market is feasible, Second, to enter the market to consider the limitations of current agent channels mechanism, Because the department store market is not a blank, has many years of brand management, they also had the same channel limitations problem, is the continuation of journalistic gracing the market, or separately innovations of the market.
Enter in high-end department stores market needs to be ready, department stores, specialty stores than street shops can rebegin failed to set up shop, relocated, But the department stores, the national strength are not good department store is the cost of hundreds, enter is high, once in a department store business failure, May 3 ~ 5 years is hard to return to the market, even back, its costs will be not only money problems.
Enter in high-end market need experienced three stages, the first stage is the image, goods, service, make whole to regularization brand connotation. A new brand into in high-end market and consumer to the cognition is very little, none of this brand of any consumer experience, consumers believe is only department store reputation and terminal shop all aspects to communicate consumer information, not a foreign name, a brand story can obtain consumer trust of the brand, to really make the connotation, let consumers really feel this is a regularized brand, is a real have international connotation of brand, still not easy.
The second class must be realized profit, with professional constructions means to accomplish. At present a lot of brands early entry, taken a such a strategy - long-term training. Such as proxy shoes brand, prepare 3 years do not make money, money is 3 years after the matter, why can have 3 years? Do not have professional technical content and the content of the traditional retail method, only by doing slowly, take time to be accumulated slowly old customer finally achieved preheating market, is not short-term several months to do. But the department store will give so long cultivation period? At present the highest cultivation period generally is 6 months, if six months to a year time, this brand cannot bring significant profit, the basic consideration is brand play except. Accurate specialization realizing short-term constructions profit is very important.
The third stage is a brand is impossible only drove a store, but in the entire area expanded to a certain quantity of capital. Whether these stores belonging to agents, belong to the joining trader, belong to brand companies to February, finally to solve terminal management. How to use a market-oriented management process and solve the terminal standardization bottlenecks, actually is related to brand, how far can do how large is the core problem (not out of control, the low risk). As is known to all, chain highest apiration is realizes standardization, because only high quality standardization can realize the lowest cost, the communication of highest, the highest efficiency and product market sales of the scale, this is the most fundamental and most essential.
Solve the fundamental problems need thought method, no matter what method and provide tools, cannot break away from the key of resolving the problem: whether grasp the essence, whether depth to grasp the essence.
Any clothing, shoes brand of high-end department stores to enter the market, the first is a retail market problem, this is followed by a clothing (shoes industry, bag with the retail market problems, once again, is in high-end clothing (shoes retail market, and finally some brand is the question, solves the problem of the order is: retail market issues - fashion market retail problem - clothing (shoes) fashion retail problem - in high-end men's clothing (ladies, shoes) brand issue - a brand issue, it first answer is "retail market" problem.
Adopt international chain business retail system and experience to construct a standardized management system, with the company's brand as the core, building a terminal control supervision, regional marketing streamline, branch management standardization of x-rated system, whether shop is distributor, agent or belong to the company by the head office, retail service, marketing, monitoring three channels in numerous stores in a comprehensive control propulsion, constitute a service, sales, display, financial, standard etc. Five modules of the terminal management mode.
Reference to the international fashion retailers standardization system have Chinese domestic market of sure? The answer is "yes", because this kind of international dress brand operation system, already in mainland China for successful operation for 10 years, and achieved significant results. Using this system, whether can increase cost? Its operation mode to mature market (mature first market in high-end market), to end numerous retail system is concerned, the more obvious advantages, the greater benefit. The enterprise is the team, whether have ability to run such a system? This requires enterprise team have certain ability. Promote team work ability and rate, not a particular system requirements, but rather enterprise daily to face, the problems need to be solved.
Adopt fineness and no bottleneck touch essence solutions, to persistent to solve market 5 ~ 10 years for the profit pattern of enterprise creating sustainable profitability, imperative. Several years ago, mentioned chain people would frantically to join in, franchise is an opportunity, with markets mature professional heating up, not the light are advertising, light has a commodity, light counters, brand can trust to earn money, today more dependent on specialized tools, professional methods, professional team was able to make money. This is any market maturity to mature inevitable process, apparel market is no exception. So a bucket of gold is an opportunity, two barrels of gold is management, three bucket of gold is a talent, four barrels of gold is capital."
Brands enter in high-end market should be a good preparation of war is not only to the brand, ready to take a good name, enter a western noble story, design research and production, more important is the channel construction with terminal regulating the operation, to rationalize "supply chain", in - need threshold higher in high-end apparel market ever victorious.

The latest fashion philosophy - fashionable trend WGSN archetypal provider

  There is really no big difference between clothes and philosophy in this respect, although philosophers react more slowly than those in the world of fashionwear: it is not expected of every philosopher that he or she should present a completely new collection of opinions each season. The idea that philosophy, among other things, is a fashion-controlled process can seem somewhat objection- able to philosophers, who like to believe that exclusively rational choices underlie what themes and approaches they employ. Some philosophers, indeed, reacted strongly to a for- mulation I suggested in an earlier book: There are few clear refutations in the history of philosophy.
Fashionable trend WGSN published recently issued archetypal providers introduced exclusive iPhone using software, 24 hours were provide users with the latest fashion amateur news. This latest platform is the first by scrambling fashionable trend look to mobile phone service providers news using software, can continue receiving amateur insight and integrated.
Look to push energy Ten years ago, WGSN build web sites, etam Edgar dress. Through scrambling service for designers, buy a hand and product develop merchant provide online resources, this book is a breakthrough traditional printing trend this innovation lift. WGSN quickly established online mode service amateur scrambling status, helper fashionable bound amateurs from computer obtains from global amateur expert timely report, changed their research mode and strategic choices scheme process. The latest promulgated WGSNiPhone using software further corroborated the company in technology and scrambling pattern aspect continuously devotion.
The latest fashion news editor WGSN retail and activities GemmaHare said: "modern amateur everyone in the journey of form, in every morning or theory is take underground returns design mission room, or to a inspiration trip, or to the rest of the world market fall dumping. During the journey and amateur keep contact appears especially important DHC is China's official website, the use of software can ensure that your convenient, quick to obtain the static."
The latest fashion news fashionable trend look WGSN new software timely receiving providers of modern amateur news, WGSN news editor NigelTaylor said: "stylish spare change forever continuously jehiel, and WGSN promulgated news, reaction of day tracking succeeded the constant change. If you want to understand the latest stylist series products from H&M stimulate fashionable panic, who became a TaiFu brand new generation of palm, retailers how rushing in and New York, T stage between the mainstream style costume brands may universal top CEO again in time to come. WGSN will provide you with the above answers. From the iPhone indirect gain these static is symbolizing you can close to the latest fashion news fashionable trend when look WGSN Mao bounded power giant providers of personage of a topic of hot debate."

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Christian Louboutin fake - suffcient conditions

  Wittgenstein illus- trates this with the concept of ‘games’: there is no single quality that is shared by everything we call games, but even so all games are interlinked via a complex network of similarities.16 A consequence of such an approach to the concept of fashion is that one must close in on it via the use of examples. We can provide examples of what we would call fashion, as well as examples of what we would not call fashion, but we neither can nor may come up with a defenition with necessary and suffcient conditions.
Christian Louboutin not to a company's identity, publicly traded. Therefore, Louboutin husband owns to products, marketing and product quality absolute control. He properly lower periodical investment amount, the purpose of which is to maintain the sustainable profit returns, design inspiration, manual production mode and his faithful fans. He did not to please the investor and get more benefit, but serve his loyal customers, employees, and to design of according to to manipulative.
Therefore, if he is to downgrade fixed investment, why he will let wholesalers cut the price to $75 to $100 between? Obviously, these disguised as a Christian Louboutin wholesalers site buys is fake.

Chris Lu Butuo designers introduction

    Today, I would like to introduce a famous shoes designer - Christian Louboutin,
A genius. 

      Chris Lu Butuo designers (Christian Louboutin) was founded in 1992, the same name, Mr. Senior Chris Lu Butuo footwear brands (Christian Louboutin). Red soled shoes is Chris Lu Butuo (Christian Louboutin) identification signs, highlighting women's lovely, beautiful and not play mature sexy. Chris Lu Butuo designers (Christian Louboutin) in September 2007, Mr. applied for a trademark, the purpose is to protect its brand of scarlet soles designed not been copied. "The bright red soles is used to tell you that this pair of shoes is my design. Wearing the shoes of the woman is more able to attract the eyes of men." Chris Lu Butuo (Christian Louboutin) in the United States Trademark Office, Mr. says when the application process.
Chris Lu Butuo (Christian Louboutin) the signature red sole design was born in 1992, when Chris Lu Butuo (Christian Louboutin) President tried to use nail polish on the shoe department. Today, the ultimate scarlet soles became a symbol of luxury shoes, which also attracted many imitators, both cheap and fashion brands, there are some top brands. Barneys creative director Simon Doonan department stores in an "WWD" magazine interview, commented: Chris Lu Butuo (Christian Louboutin) shoes like the new circus in town, like a drug can not be replaced . " Chris Lu Butuo (Christian Louboutin) worked, Mr. Charles Jourdan, Maud Frizon, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and Roger Vivier established luxury brands such as design work done, Chris Lu Butuo (Christian Louboutin) inspired by Mr. The Palace from Paris nightlife and Paris, and other legendary Folies Bergères nightclub dancer.

"Gossip Girl"

  Since the star of "Gossip Girl" since the Black dress has become the focus of the fashion world. Her style of dress both girls lazy innocence and mature women sexy, "Gossip Girl" promotional photos for the first quarter with her low-cut tight white dress and high heels, the foot of the golden fish head is her classic LOOK. Compared to the latest fashion trends, her pay more attention to quality and mix of clothing, whether it is day out to the streets of the red carpet or leather jeans Nina Ricci evening dress, every detail is impeccable. Most recently, Blake was named the best dressed person, but she did not think of themselves as a "fashion icon." "I just love fashion only! I do not invite the specialized stylist, because I think style is a kind of self-expression, while consuming a lot of energy, but I really like it. I like to explore new designers, personally trying on clothes. "She's most valued fashion advice came from her mother. "She had personally gave us clothes, and young adult clothing store will take us. We will select their favorite style, she then changed to the right size for us. My mother never bothered to catch up the trend, clothing must do not herd, do not herd our clothing. her full freedom given to us, let us express themselves through clothing. " Mother's words and deeds so that Black brought up to learn stick to their style, like a mother, she never blindly follow the vagaries of fashion trend. "In my school, half of the children wear uniforms, the other half of the children are dressed almost; Some children will make fun of my dress, some children like it, but for me it does not matter, because I know my clothes cool, this is only one way I express myself. I think this is the mother in me a good quality training. "Her love of fashion from the heart so that she became acquainted with Karl Lagerfeld. She and Karl in Paris Fashion Week Haute hit it off, "we ate two dinners a night!" A few months later, Karl will be hand-picked her endorsement of the latest Chanel ad. Easy to understand why Karl is so obsessed with the young blonde - she not only has the perfect face and body, but also has enough to control the mind and temperament Chanel, few actresses in their early twenties age to do this . She did not hesitate to accept the invitation to Karl, this is her first fashion contract. "I'm fanatical obsession Chanel, including the Coco and Karl I inherited tradition stands for. That is the nature as a woman, I really appreciate. Chanel represents the ultimate taste, intellectual and feminine at the same time balancing strength and masculinity. "ecstatic not to let her speak for a high-end brand, but got the opportunity to embrace the brand:" This is all wonderful, just be true. go to Paris for Chanel Haute into the history of the brand showroom, where the best of my work is giving me the opportunity to do it all. "Then what kind of shape she will be there?" if people criticize your dress does not matter, as long as you like to good. It is simply just think everyone, so glad you wear on the line. "