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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Should I Wear A Suit To Christian Louboutin Maggie 140mm Leopard An Interview

There are many excuses that men manage to e up with as to why they do not wear suits to job interviews. Just a few of the ones you may hear (or that you may have used yourself in the past) are "My suit is too outdated." "I didn't have time to take it to the cleaners." "I put on my suit that morning, and there was stain on it Red bottom shoes." Gentlemen, you should always remember that if you want to make a great first impression, you must wear a suit. And job interviews are really all about first impressions. As I discussed in my "What Color To Wear To An Interview" blog, the basic rules of dressing for a job interview are to wear A two-piece suit in navy or charcoal gray. A button down dress shirt in either white or a light pastel color. Clean, polished dress shoes in a dark color to match your suit. A solid, diagonally striped, or other simply patterned tie. Now, are there exceptions when deciding what to wear to an interview Christian Louboutin Booties Ariella Clou Silver Studded Boot Purple?Certainly, there are. Another important factor when determining whether you should wear a suit to an interview isappropriateness. For example, let's say that you find a job posting online, and you respond to the posting by submitting an online application and emailing your resume. The job opening is for a customer service position at a local gym. The next day, you receive a phone call from the manager to schedule your interview. At the end of your conversation he mentions, "Oh, and just so you know, we dress casually here Christian Louboutin Maggie 140mm Leopard." Now you've received a tip off that perhaps a suit would be too formal for this particular interview. In a setting where even the owner of the establishment does not wear a suit to work or meet with patrons or clients, it may be unnecessary for you wear a suit yourself. In fact, if you were to wear a suit to this particular interview, you may feel un fortable, and therefore unable to allow your best assets to shine through during the interview. For a job where the employees dress casually every day, a good rule of thumb is to dress more formally than you would at an average day on the job, but do not out-dress the owner. For example, if you are interviewing for a retail job at a bookstore where your daily uniform will be a bright blue polo shirt and a pair of khaki chinos, bump this up a notch for your interview. An appropriate outfit would be tailored trousers, a button up oxford shirt and tie, and leather or suede dress shoes. Stick to neutral colors such as white, cream, brown, black, and navy, and subtle patterns. In any job where you will be interacting with clients or patrons on a regular basis, such as retail or food service, it is important to note that the interviewer will be assessing how you will appear to these patrons. Your interview outfit need not be expensive, but it does need to be clean, well pressed, and in excellent condition. Especially if you are interviewing for a position within the food industry, take the time to make sure your fingernails are clean and trim Red sole shoes. If you are interviewing for a position at a clothing retail store, you may want to add one clothing item or accessory from the store into your outfit. There is no need to go overboard and dress from head to toe in apparel from that particular store. When in doubt about what to wear to an interview, remember a good rule of thumb is "Don't dress for the job you have. Dress for the job you want." If you are interviewing for an entry level job, and aspire to be a manager one day, dress for the management position. Your ambition will e across in a positive light. ?