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Thursday, December 1, 2011


Cool and funky clothing for disabled

Everybody can be cool Today's society is all about image,Canada Goose Mountaineer Jacket, first impression, being cool, funky, modern, in, original,Canada Goose Women's Maple Toque, you name it. Everybody have to look good. It is hard for those you haven't got a problem to maintain their look and style, but what about those who has got a problem to stand up, walk or even laugh? We often stare at those who has got a disability and look different to us. Who said that disabled person can't look cool and funky? They can. And this lens is all about it. Original signs, logos,Canada Goose, saying on the clothes will make those who stare a bit longer than is normal feel embarased or even make them realize something. Cool and funky clothes for disabled people are perfect way of telling society that being disabled doesn't mean anything wrong. ||||||Person with any disability isn't looking for our pity. He doesn't want us to feel sorry for him. He wants acceptance, tolerance and equality. Yes he may looks different and do things in more complicated way but he learned how to manage it. When we stare and feel sorry for disabled people, we are telling them that there is something wrong with them.|||||||||||||||||||||If you didn't find anything interesting for you, how about make it yourself? Or you can make original gift for your friend perhaps. You can make your own disabled logos and saying on different types of products such as mugs,CANADA GOOSE JAKKER, keyrings,Canada Goose Parka, hats, badges,Canada Goose, etc. Just give it a go on|||||||||Add this to your lens ��
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