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Thursday, December 1, 2011

and their items will usually be priced according to this. Therefore

How To Open And Run An Online Vintage Store

The Ins & Outs Of Starting An Online Vintage Clothing Store Here is where you can find information and tips on researching vintage, shopping for great vintage clothing items, and opening and running your own vintage store.

Opening your own vintage store can be a challenge at first but if vintage clothing is one of your passions then it will be something that brings you pure joy! |||When it comes to wanting to open a vintage clothing store, there's one thing you probably need to research and learn about. . .VINTAGE CLOTHING. Hours, days,Canada Goose Jackets Women's Montebello Cg55, weeks (you get my drift) will be spent researching the various eras, brands, and labels. All of these are important, and i could go on for hours about why, but i'll try to sum it up:

Most likely, when starting a vintage clothing store, you are going to want to limit yourself to certain eras. When out searching, covering items from the 1900s-90s may be a little overwhelming. You need to determine which eras interest you and what will be best for your target audience. For example, those who want a more classic shop would most likely focus on vintage items from the 20s-50s while more modern/hip vintage stores love items from the 70s-early 90s.

You could list 100 items by Perspectives and PS Sport (who are they? exactly) and they could sell if they are good items,Canada Goose Men's Tundra Down Pant, BUT, we are talking about fashion, so you must understand how much a brand can make an item go from good to extraordinary. That little vintage black dress is cute with no brand behind it, but it's an amazing and rare find if it's that little vintage CHANEL dress. As stated before though, that's fashion in general, not just in the vintage world. I will say, however,Canada Goose Men's Calgary Jacket, that myself and others have done just fine without ever having a major designer label, so that's just another thing that you want to take note of and brainstorm when thinking about what kind of store you want to have.

Aren't labels the same as brands? Of course not, but that's a common misconception. When it comes to vintage clothing, being able to read and interpret a label is VERY important, if not THE MOST important. Although an item might be a certain brand, you need to be able to differentiate between, for example, the label that brand used in the 60s vs the label that they used in 2001. My favorite place [and I believe the most popular] to learn about labels is the Vintage Fashion Guild Label Resource [ ] . It houses an A-Z list of major fashion brands and their label changes over the decades. If you can't find it there,Canada Goose Men's Technical Gloves, there's always Google. Chances are, you're not the first person ever to find that brand/label.

Of course, there are a million other things that you need to know, but I believe that these are good starting blocks. If you ENJOY researching these things, then you may have just found the right venture to embark on!|||Once you have researched vintage clothing and you have a seasoned eye for eras and labels, it's time to go hunt for the type of clothing you'd like to sell! Here are my top four suggestions on where to go:

Before you step foot into a store, you need to take the time to get to know the older member's of your family, and their closets. I started my shop with half of my mom's closet full of 80s clothes that she had only worn once [if ever, some still had tags]. I could only imagine what I could have found if I would've traveled to my grandmother's house or aunts. If your family members aren't particularly stylish, throw clothes away too often, or just generally don't preserve clothes well, then this may not be the option for you, but it was worth a mention!

The most common place to go shopping for vintage clothes, especially for the purpose of opening a shop, is the thrift store or second-hand stores. These are stores where people donate the old clothes that they no longer want, or don't have room for, or whatever the reason may be. The great thing about thrift stores is that the items are priced low, so that in your store, you could still add an amount to it for profit, and it still be reasonable to customers. One thing to remember when thrifting is what you learned about labels. Just because something LOOKS like it's from the 60s, doesn't mean it is, as there are many modern recreations. However, if you know your eras, you will be able to spot the vintage item and if you know your labels, you will be able to verify it!

A consignment clothing shop is a second-hand store where people can take old or new clothing items and have them bought by the store. They usually receive a significant amount lower than what they paid for it, but something is better than nothing! In return, the consignment shop also sells it for a lower price. Some consignment shops are more reasonably priced than others and it also depends on what type of merchandise they have. Certain consignments only buy or sell designer labels, so of course, these items cost more than they would at a thrift store, but less than retail price and sometime's it is amazing vintage. At this time, you must trust your research and know if an item is priced low enough for you to resell it for a reasonable profit when put into your store.

Vintage stores, of course, are the obvious choice when going to find vintage. These stores are great for the everyday vintage enthusiast, but may not be for a vintage seller. Whether online or at an actual retail location, these stores have their own sets of rent and fees that they must pay, and their items will usually be priced according to this. Therefore, unless you catch a sale or realize that something is worth more than they know, you may not be able to buy it at the price they sell it for and still successfully sell it for a profit online in your store.

All in all, there are plenty of places to find vintage. Aside from what I have listed, you could also search estate sales,Canada Goose Merino Wool Beanie, flea markets, and antique stores/markets as well. The most important thing is when out shopping is to know what you researched. As a cheat, I usually bring along my smart phone and google labels and brands right there on the spot!|||You've researched vintage clothing, enjoyed shopping for inventory, and now it's time to figure out where the hell you're going to open a store. When deciding this, you need to have a strong sense of who your audience will be, how many items you expect to list or sell, and important facotrs like that. Well, here are what I believe to be the best four options, in no particular order.

As probably the most popular as far as instant site traffic goes, eBay has its ups and downs, pros and cons. An actual store on eBay will cost you. It starts at about $15 per month and increases depending on what level store you want. On top of this, you must pay insertion fees for each items as well as various other fees. If you aren't going to be selling a lot of items at a normal to high price then eBay fees may eat you alive. So if you plan on selling your vintage items for $3 each, be aware of that. Also, eBay has a load of restrictions for new sellers and you'll be limited to about 10 items per month for the first 90 days. Also, your money wont be released from the buyer to your paypal automatically. It will be pending in your account until eBay can prove it's shipped or until 21 days after the transaction [yeah, that's a long time to wait for money you earned].On the positive side, eBay drives a lot of traffic to your store with little or no effort from you. You have the option of auction or fixed price and a range of duration times. If you're HTML savvy, your shop can shine with nice design. If you're not, you either deal with a plain shop, a basic template, or pay someone to design your store. Overall, eBay is a high traffic site but limitations and fees may make it hard for new sellers for the first few months.

If you haven't heard about etsy, it's a quaint community based site for craft and vintage sellers. It's full of pretty items and forums, "teams", and item treasuries, among other things. There is no price to set up a shop. You only pay listing fees [20 cent per item] and final value fees. It's cheaper than eBay for sure. The boards and people on etsy are genuinely nice vintage sellers and crafty stay-at-home moms that are all trying to support each other and create successful businesses. Etsy is becoming popular now, but it is still a little slow. Some people report sales only a few days after opening their shops, while others still haven't sold anything in months. I believe an Etsy shop is nice, but you will have to work on some of your own marketing if you want to be truly successful there.

Market Publique
This is a relatively new site made specifically and only for the sale of vintage clothing. It is styled like eBay in the fact that you can set your items up for fixed price or put it up for auction. I like the site and the sellers seem to be a young/hipper crowd of vintage sellers. These are the sellers with gorgeous 5'10 models with amazing bodies that look great in anything with amazing styling and good photography, instead of the old lady that hangs her vintage on a hanger and takes a picture of it against her door [although, i've seen that done beautifully as well actually]. As with Etsy, MP doesn't have as large of an audience as eBay yet, so you will have to do some of your own marketing to drive traffic to your vintage clothing store.

The #1 way to run things the way that you want, is to be your own boss. You can buy a web domain, pick a shop client, and create a custom shop on your own website. This is the ideal, right? Well, it all depends. With your own site, YOU are solely responsible for bringing traffic to your own site. There are no eBay commercials or Etsy magazine features to bring awareness to where your vintage items are being sold. But who's to say you can't get your own commercial and mag features? If you're confident in this, then go for it! I do think though,Canada Goose Parka Women's Chilliwack Bomber Red, that for beginners or those starting out small, one of the other markets may be best to start of in, and then, once you grow. . .build your own vintage site!|||a%3A6%3A%7Bs%3A12%3A%22display_html%22%3Bs%3A2%3A%22on%22%3Bs%3A6 Fetching RSS feed... please stand by