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Thursday, March 13, 2014

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in the Vogue sense. He was disgusted with my unthin figure. Both nagged at me in different ways - obvious from the fact that I remember the question almost 20 years later. Landowners who lived in castles had other reasons for using canopy beds. In early European castles the lord, his family and servants slept in a single large room. They used canopy beds to allow for a bit of privacy.

Corporate share repurchases have come into vogue as a way to distribute cash to shareholders. A repurchase is when a company buys its own shares in the marketplace. Share repurchases return money to the shareholder without the higher taxation that accompanies dividends. Web designing has evolved since the beginning of Internet technology when the first page was uploaded on a web server as a simple black text document. Since then, web designing has progressed into more complicated and complex phenomena, and the process is still going on. The subsequent internet boom and the opportunity to do business online changed the ways and means of web designing entirely.

No burlesque look would be complete without a pair of fishnets. Stockings are classic but will need suspenders too, unless your basque or briefs as suspenders built in. There are many variants of fishnets available these days. Of course hollywood is a hard business, and I always wonder how the actors take it when their weight is made fun of, but this just seemed particularly harsh. Randomly it reminds me of two recent things I saw on television that made me spitting mad:1) A girl who for some reason lost her clothes had to walk into a store and buy replacements, then she walked through a park super angry that anyone would think she wears a medium in sweat pants. Seriously? Like, are you frickin kiddin' me, ARE YOU SERIOUS? The stupid sweats were baggy as heck, and second who in the heck cares?2) The blond girl from Big Bang Theory is driving when one of the characters guesses her weight to be 125 and she GASPS and gives him massive attitude.

Sketchbook mobile by Autodesk is much more complicated to use than Brushes. I still haven´t figured out how to adjust the drawing and painting tools properly in short time. Autodesk offers more tools that can be adjusted very sophisticated, but you really need to read the manual and spend substantial time to get used to it.

(ohh full circle) So I started to feel bad about myself on the dating front. It didn't help that my mom thought I could only date Mexicans or Samoan construction workers "cause they like fat girls" (yes people, she actually said that to me!) Then I went to Italy, and found my confidence and sex appeal. They apparently also like the "fat girls"! Suddenly I was surrounded by men who thought I was beautiful-no strings attached.