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Thursday, January 30, 2014

mick jagger and l scott paris apartment featured in vogue magazine

First up, meditating. Well, if I were any good at meditating I never would have taken up smoking in the first place. I would have observed my mind having its little meltdown and focused on my breath when I couldn't quiet my mind. It did hit a little close to home but I enjoyed it nonetheless. The new to my friend home I went to see was built in the 1800 and it is phenomenal. Lots of work ahead if they decide to buy it after renting for a period of time.

At first I thought he was rude, then weird, then mean, then scary. You see, he KEPT coming up to me and all he would say was "Wow. Pretty. The past year or two have been tumultuous for everybody because of the economic downturn. Stock markets have been crashing, big companies have gone bankrupt and tens of thousands have lost their jobs. Amid this financial gloom, the least a person is expected to spend on is clothes.

Once, in the days when the Imperial Institute rose in South Kensington, and Joseph Chamberlain was booming the Empire, I induced the editor of a leading monthly review to commission an article from Sweet on the imperial importance of his subject. When it arrived, it contained nothing but a savagely derisive attack on a professor of language and literature whose chair Sweet regarded as proper to a phonetic expert only. The article, being libelous, had to be returned as impossible; and I had to renounce my dream of dragging its author into the limelight.

Use a soft cloth and wipe the jewelry carefully. A problem which arises is how to clean the places which the cloth will not reach. Use a small bowl and pour hot water and a table spoon of washing powder and mix it well. It was possible to be loved while fat! But every so often, my joy bubble would burst. He'd make a comment about my size. Mostly they were of the anguished variety: "I love you so much, but something's bothering me and I just have to tell you…" Often he'd say this in the dark, in bed.

The morning started with Icelandic designer and historian Ragga Eiriksdottir, who spoke on the topic of Icelandic knitting history, including the materials, designs, and the knitters themselves. An array of traditional Icelandic sweaters, made with lopi, were on display. The students were entertained with stories of Eiriksdottir's partnership with designer Stephen West, and how their inspirations are more the culture of a musician instead of a designer.

Writing it down isn't an option since I am a huge procrastinator. Things were just busy. Someone I respect very much here mentioned it to me and I got back into watching the show again. It almost on every page, which is kind of tough for me before my audition. I was literally wading through it. The interview moderator comes in and I only have about one minute left in the interview and I haven even gotten to my your favorite thing about being a vampire question or his take on vampire fashion.