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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

choosing the most flattering style for your figure

I would conclude this note with a word of caution. Despite the multiple merits of the nazm, and despite its relevance to the drama of real life, it holds no threat to the power and popularity of the ghazal, which in the hands of such consummate artists as Jigar, Asghar, Faiz, Fani or Firaq, has amply proved its worth as an imperishable art form, fully equipped to fathom the mysteries of the human mind, or tap the complexities of love and life. As a matter of fact, the ghazal and the nazm are complementary rather than mutually exclusive poetic forms, and their areas of artistic functioning have a tendency to overlap.

Finally, don't start until you have several boxes of brand new pins. Bridal fabrics dull pins quickly and you will need sharp, strong pins to hold the many layers in a typical wedding gown. Don't be skimpy! You will use hundreds of pins in the course of this project. Studies show guggul may change thyroid hormone metabolism, increase levels of circulating T3, or triiodothyroxine, a thyroxine metabolite known to raise overall metabolism, which in turn increases fat burning. Since guggul supports atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), which may impede blood flow to and from the penis, guggul may possibly be the treatment for impotence many men are looking for. It is an adaptogen that helps the body fight the effects of ongoing stress and also balances the mind, nerves and emotions.

Top tip: Apply Fekkai Full Blown Volume™ Styling Whip throughout the hair until the entire head is damp. 2 Blow dry the hair using a large round brush. 3 Once the hair is mostly dry, straighten hair with a flat iron, separating into sections, while applying Frédéric Fekkai Essential Shea Tame and Style Pot de Crème to add shine.

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