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Friday, August 9, 2013

adele gives face to british vogue

Nonetheless, I continue to believe that the market is overvalued. My hit rate over the prior two years has been 30%, so we only need 3 more bids to hit that threshold. We on pace. First, business borrowers must understand what is available given the strength or stage of their business. Most financial institutions will not fund start-up businesses. But, just because your business is considered a start-up business doesn mean that business credit is out of your grasp.

A complete life is something we tend to lose site of, particularly during tough economic times when our entire focus seems to be on how to generate more money. Sometimes a big part of the secret is to see what we can let go of; how we can streamline our business and simplify our lives. Finding where we can cut and save is often as important as learning how we can increase our cash flow.

Like many things in modern Western society, harem pants are a blending of ancient cultural attire and contemporary fashion design with an end product that is both daring and comfortable. You may have seen them slowly creeping onto the racks of your favorite boutique or even at some of the larger retailers. Low in the crotch and tight around the ankles and calves, it's hard to imagine that it has already been nearly twenty years since harem pants were part of the collective fashion consciousness.

I just want my brother back. Anyway, I've been really emotional since he broke the news a couple days ago, and I have been eating a little more than I should, and drinking as well. I haven't stopped exercising, but I'm sure that the extra eating will show on my Thursday weigh in, and I am really bummed about it.

For sidelined investors looking to hop back into the market, that bus likely left long ago. Similarly the 2002-2007 rally saw 50% of its gains come in the first two years. Shares edged up over the next two years followed by a year-long surge beginning in mid-2006, but we know how that movie ended.(click to enlarge)Of course if the S 500 breaks out above current resistance levels, pursuing as yet-to-be-established highs, the aforementioned stats on the distribution of gains in bull markets becomes about as useless as the old Powerball tickets strewn across my desk.

"If you find something you love, you start to see so many flaws in yourself and you try to push it away. A lot of the story is about that. I think guys, when they are being honest with themselves, can relate to that. Also make sure to include your "written" finances from step 2 here as well. One technique to use is to sit down and write out where the money is currently being spent now, and keep in mind that most of us don't have the patience to do this, or are not honest enough with ourselves when we write it down. This is an important enough step that it is worth repeating.