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Sunday, June 30, 2013

fdr inaugural speech of 1933 given new meaning

There is already a slowdown in worldwide biotechnology patent applications; for the ten-year period from 1993 to 2003, patent applications were significantly lower in the second half of the decade compared to the first half. Industry leaders and academics alike are now facing up to this gap Open source style research is now in vogue in the bioscience community, in recognition of the importance of free flowing information. Recent efforts have been made to open communication between scientists: Sage Bionetworks, with funding from Pharma, the NCI, and non-profits, was formed by four world-class scientists to connect researchers at leading research universities through a shared open database; CollabRx of San Francisco is using whole-genome profiling along with the open source approach to select the best available therapy for cancer patients.

Locally off Woodward in Ferndale, there's a thrift shop, Vogue Vintage, which offers quite an assortment of items that fit into this realm. From classic typewriters, furniture, clothing, accessories, lamps, posters, electronics, etc. - there's lots to see. The poet of the ghazal is at liberty to talk about love in the first verse, death in the second, envy in the third, mysticism in the fourth, and so on. Such is not the case with the nazm which owes its strength and identity to the logical evolution of thought and theme. A nazm must have a controlling thought or idea, discussed, developed and concluded, with due regard to the laws of poetic composition.

Some girls tend to show strong appetite for strapless wedding dresses to accent their femininity and also sex appeal. Certainly, strapless is not the only option to light up your appeal. While finding this empire waist wedding gown with spaghetti straps, I really feel more convinced about this opinion.

Therefore, Sweet railed at Pitman as vainly as Thersites railed at Ajax: his raillery, however it may have eased his soul, gave no popular vogue to Current Shorthand. Pygmalion Higgins is not a portrait of Sweet, to whom the adventure of Eliza Doolittle would have been impossible; still, as will be seen, there are touches of Sweet in the play. With Higgins's physique and temperament Sweet might have set the Thames on fire.

How ever in recent times it has acquired a new dimension. Body jewelry has never been in such high demand. The human body is not merely a body, it is a piece of art which has its own innate beauty and body jewelry is the perfect way to enhance the beauty of your body. They are all very different. I made a dish for my niece and nephew that's from Peru and my nephw and niece kept saying "we don't like Mexican food" and I kept syaing "this isn't Mexican food!" What a disconnect. I'm looking forward to their cooking.