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Friday, January 13, 2012

Body piercing jewelry – different designs Christian Louboutin Toutenkaboucle Buckle Sandal for different body parts


There is a wide variety of body piercing jewelry available for different parts of the body and for both men as well as women. Once body jewelry was limited to "traditional" parts of the body such as the ear, nose or tongue, but now jewelry is also being donned on such parts of the body as the stomach and the genital areas. Many different kinds of body piercing are used in order to pierce the body, and creativity is typically exercised. For example, while some people may be satisfied by a single ear piercing, some people might be interested in what is known as a scaffold - in which two holes are connecting by making use of a single item of jewelry.

In some parts of the world, body piercing jewelry is popular due to cultural reasons. In some cultures, for example, the parents of baby girl may get her ears pierced very soon after her birth. In others, parents may get their little boy's ears pierced as well. The same can be said for oral jewelry as well. This kind of jewelry may include items of jewelry that are designed for the lips or cheeks, or even for the labret, the part of the body found between the chin and lip Christian Louboutin Shoes . Oral piercing may involve and kind of jewelry, but barbells and studs are most popular for the tongue, and studs and hoops are most popular for the cheek or the labret.

No matter what the motivation - be it culture or fashion - men and women may enjoy a wide variety of body piercing jewelry designed for any imaginable body part, helping them to showcase their personality in their own way. For example, among both men and women belly button rings, nipple rings and even different kind of oral piercing is common, but body piercing jewelry may also be available for such parts of the body as the eyebrow or the waist Christian Louboutin grey patent calfskin Declic 120 slingback Evening. There is such a wide variety of jewelry to choose from, including barbells, belly button rings, studs, rings, even eyebrow rings, nipple rings, clitoris studs and nose rings which will help them not only to attract attention, but will also help them to showcase their own individuality the way they think is best. Not only are different designs available, body jewelry is available in different metals to suit a wide variety of skin tones and skin types, a great boon for those with sensitive skin.

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