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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The aim of fashion

  The aim of fashion is the ceaseless continuation of a system that replaces the already existing one with something new, without any justi?cation other than that the new is preferable to what already exists. Fashion does not have any ultimate goal except an eternal real- ization and radicalization of its own logic. But when this logic became suf?ciently radicalized, it was transformed from one of replacement to one of supplement.

  Seeing the starting of December yet, and December 10 namely the deadline for submission of go, the shadow of his works also have not seen where, Zhang Shaoyu is somewhat impatient lit. But he knew namely there is no urgency to use, and the more anxious the extra distress. Too, the premier engaged, playing because a when.

  Bedroom in the web, using a Netcom, Zhang Shaoyu wanted to play street basketball Councils,Louboutin hot sale, the client can have the afterward five hours, he was not the patience, the microcomputer was shut, prepared to work get Yangting Yao, work get some fresh wind . Nest in the bedroom these days, it is sick.

  The results phone a dozen in the past, Yangting Yao is act graduation,Louboutin on sale, Zhang Shaoyu of way, not force, their own one human was away. Weather is good, ah, the days of December, children, and seldom saw a return to the sun, along to the body lukewarm, it felt extremely snug. Out of the door, Zhang Shaoyu walking aimlessly, musing almost writing thing.

  Knew it, he looked up and found herself in a completely curious area, looking favor this, it seems to be a residential space. How come here, and was about to go back and leave, meantime arguing fly.

  Zhang Shaoyu how to listen to this sound so familiar ah? Tracks the sound looked away from him in almost 5 alternatively six meters from the entrance place, a man wore in security uniforms, are pushing and boosting to arrest a person out. The man's behind, Zhang Shaoyu feel quite familiar, for not seen to be affirmative,Louboutin, too not sure, the moment they walked quondam.

  Security seems to be anxious, television drama has been pushing folk out the door he wanted to go. Happens that folk do not seem convinced, and stood inactive, cows with high Ma security, even shove he did not.

  Walked over to see Zhang Shaoyu shocked, none additional than to leave the bar shortly before the Tangkui. Moment he has been wearing a green militia jacket vintage white, blue napkin jeans, carrying a woven story, an side reddened fiercely staring at security.

  See Zhang Shaoyu emerge Tangkui a bit panicked, rapidly looked down, afraid to look at him.

  That security is still quite scurrilous, Zhang Shaoyu security has all been repugnant for a wade, look not look at him, coldly on Tangkui said: Tangkui stare of that security one, followed.

  Zhang Shaoyu gas in my heart, ah, really taste a tiny corner iron into iron. You mention you did something wrong, ah, you like kid, blind kid to know you're a pack rat! This is a man doing something erroneous? Not too disgrace!

  Along the access,Christian louboutin, Zhang Shaoyu is silent they simply buried their way in front. Tangkui carefully followed, he could penetrate, Zhang brother seems elated, notwithstanding I do not know for what, yet still cautious, afraid to mention a word.

  Roll-out zone to the street,Discount christian louboutin shoes, when Zhang Shaoyu suddenly stopped,Louboutin outlet, turned nigh and stared at Tangkui, long while silent.

  Tangkui unconscious with his brain down, afraid to face his eyes.

  Say something pleasing,Christian Louboutin, human call you sibling, in fact, it bluntly, that is, a common friend, what makes you eligible curse?

  Tangkui slightly elevate the beginning, looked Zhangshao Yu, voicelessly replied: .

  Zhang Shaoyu looked at him,Louboutin sale, favor this, where like a sixteen-year-old chap also looks like the old man virtually half, had sub is not high, yet long raiment,Christian Louboutin Pumps, dress with a skirt-like, for well as feet couple of broken shoes, do not understand what year the product, toes are extended out.

  Other Tangkui out his lunch, Zhang Shaoyu seven feet high imposing man, a sword to his nape and ambition not look at the Tiehan brow,Christian louboutin sales, the neb actually one sour, about did not call out.